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 Press release - Problem of unemployment today is... (BF)

 Press release date: 18.09.2002

Bridge to the Future Youth Union

News Release No. 02/09/02/AZ
Contact: Samir Tagiyev (994-50) 341 23 32

Ganja, September 19, 2002

Problem of unemployment today is actual problem in many countries, especially in the developing countries. In Azerbaijan there are more than one million refugees and 1/5 part of the land occupied by Armenians during Armenia-Azerbaijan so called Nagorno Karabach conflict. It is very difficult to provide people with work being in such situation. But the answer and solution of these questions are conducted not only by government, but also non-government organizations. Local non-governmental youth organization " Bridge to the Future (BF), has held this summer in Ganja a meeting of youth from the several countries of Europe. The project has passed within the framework of youth programs funded by several international foundations such as Council of Europe Youth Foundation and Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation. Youth gathered in Ganja (among them there were representatives from France, Poland, Slovenia and other countries), discussed, questions about youth employment in the society. It is important to note, that the problem of employment of youth has found already global scales. Youth Employment Summit 2002 was held from September 7 to 11 at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt. The Youth Employment Summit provided unique venue for young leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to work collaboratively with policymakers and researchers to create innovative, long term solutions to the critical problem of youth unemployment. The goal of the summit - YES 2002 -was to develop and promote programs and policies, which will create sustainable employment for young adults.

There are some one billion youth in the world today - 85 percent of who live in developing countries where they have few skills and even fewer opportunities for productive work. Without meaningful employment and career opportunities, the thwarted expectations of youth create a breeding ground for poverty, disease, crime, violence and civil unrest, undermining political stability, international security and the effectiveness of capital investment. While the summit was not solved all the world's problems in five days, but we attempted to come together with the government leaders together to launch a carefully planned strategy to deal pro-actively with the cancer of youth unemployment. From Azerbaijan seven youth leaders has been awarded grant to participate in a major, international summit on youth unemployment in September 7-11 2002 in Alexandria, Egypt. Samir Tagiyev, Elnara Babayeva, Vusal Verdiyev, Fuad Muradov, Ferid Medetli, Sara Rzayeva and Nabi Rahimov were in Azerbaijan delegation". Role of Azerbaijan delegation in this Summit was to prepare and action plan for decade campaign with youth, government and business leaders from around world. YES-Azerbaijan Country Network already began to work. Steering Committee founded by these seven youth leaders. Among visitors of a forum - the member of the administrative board of Committee on employment and social questions of the European parliament Michael Record, the director of the newspaper " Financial Times David Bell, the manager of the World Economic Forum.
If you wish to join us please feel free to contact with YES-Azerbaijan on

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