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 Press release - Eurasia Foundation Approves Five Grants Totaling Over $157,000 in Azerbaijan (EF)

 Press release date: 02.10.2002

Eurasia Foundation Approves Five Grants Totaling Over $157,000 in Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan - The Eurasia Foundation's Baku Advisory Board approved $157, 668 in grants to organizations in Azerbaijan to promote private enterprise and civil society development. Among these, we are proud to announce three grants selected from a special trade development competition.

Private Enterprise

The 2002 Trade Development Competition was designed to support more transparent trade operations and strengthen internal capacity of export-oriented SMEs, a promising sector outside of oil and gas. An external panel of experts approved the three following complementary projects:

1. "Caucasus United" Center of Social-Economic and Scientific Researches ($33, 813)

To strengthen internal capacity of export-oriented companies, this project will develop and test mechanisms on 30 pre-selected SMEs that can later be offered on a commercial basis to promote exports. This project includes developing a system of diagnostics and consulting for enterprises involved in trade; training of five consultants to assist SMEs in export development; creating an Internet database on export companies, and assisting companies to prepare their own export marketing plans and promotion packets.

2. "Baku Plus" Association of Specialists
Received Education Outside of Azerbaijan
($27, 564)

To improve transparency of customs processes for SMEs, this grantee will develop and maintain a web-site on customs regulations in Azerbaijan and its major trade partners. It will conduct three round tables for SMEs, customs and government officials on issues of customs regulations and transparency in order to initiate dialog between these sectors to improve the trade environment. The grantee will also provide training and consulting to export-oriented SMEs.

3. Union of Merchants and Manufacturers ($28, 035)
To support small and medium-sized busineses involved in foreign trade, the activities in this grant will create a "one stop" resource center where SMEs can receive access to practical support such as legal advising, printed materials and a telephone hot line to help solve their problems. The grant will facilitate round table discussions for SMEs to discuss/resolve common concerns.

Civil Society

Yayim Association ($34,771)

To support broader distribution of newspapers and other printed materials, by raising professional standards within the sector and encouraging commercial distributors while involving government organizations in addressing problems in the industry. This grant aims at reducing government obstacles to commercial distribution and ultimately increasing subscription levels. The project will include training that draws on the experiences of foreign countries, provide information support through sector-specific newsletters, and educate the public and stimulate commercial interest in distribution through two public competitions.


"215 KL" Independent TV Company ($33, 485)
To support normalization of relations between police and citizens, which are fundamental to development of democracy and defense of human rights. The project will produce a series of 24 TV programs aimed at establishing constructive dialog between both sides to destroy negative stereotypes on both sides; defining the rights and responsibilities of each side, and teaching them how to fairly engage with each other. These programs will cover such current problems as domestic violence, street children and drugs, and provide information about Azerbaijan's civil and criminal procedure codes.

About the Eurasia Foundation

Privately managed with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development and other sponsors, we have made more than 6,500 grants totaling approximately $130 million to support democratic and economic reform in 12 countries of the former Soviet Union since 1993. In Azerbaijan, we have awarded more than $4 million in grants to advance local initiatives in civil society, private enterprise, and public administration and policy. Please visit and

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