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 Press release - The Eurasia Foundation Approves New Grants Totaling Over $166, 000 in Funds for Azerbaijan (EF)

 Press release date: 06.11.2002

The Eurasia Foundation Approves New Grants Totaling Over $166, 000 in Funds for Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan - The Eurasia Foundation's Baku Advisory Board approved $166, 792 in new grants and grant amendments to organizations in Azerbaijan to promote private enterprise and civil society development.

Civil Society

Akhundov State Library of Azerbaijan ($34, 855)

To support automation of the National Library of Azerbaijan to provide electronic connections with international library networks - allowing greater public access to information. Jointly funded by OSI and the U.S. State Department, this project will create an electronic catalog system, train librarians on its use, and also transfer Azerbaijani literature to the Internet. As a result, Azerbaijani citizens will be able to receive information from sources around the world and foreign researchers and readers will have access Azerbaijani sources.

Social Union of Development and Stimulation of Small Entrepreneurship ($34, 986)

To support interactions between local NGOs and businesses that will improve inter-sector relations in Azerbaijan and, in time, foster more socially responsible businesses, improve conditions for local philanthropy and bolster the financial sustainability of NGOs. Communication and collaboration between these sectors will be stimulated through a series of monthly round tables involving NGOs and business representatives, distribution of monthly information bulletins about both sectors, and trainings involving more than 300 representatives of NGOs and commercial organizations.

League of Defense of Citizens' Labour Rights ($34, 904)

To support compliance with citizens' labor rights enshrined in Azerbaijan's new Labor Code and related regulations. Activities in this grant include seminars for organizations that defend individual rights in five regions (Sumgait, Ali-Bayramli, Ganja, Sheki, Guba). The project will also educate citizens about their rights through distribution of practical information booklets and production of a web site with relevant materials.

International Center for Not-for-Profit Law--Amendment ($24,262)

For legal support of non-governmental organizations, with particular focus on the registration process currently under revision. This grant extends a previous partnership grant from the EF Washington, DC office.

Private Enterprise

Organizational & Technical Development Society ($32, 910)

To support more favorable conditions for promising small and medium-sized businesses to receive project financing from credit institutions in Azerbaijan. The grantee will run a competition to select 10 businesses with the best new business ideas from the five most economically developed regions of the country. The grantee will then provide technical assistance to these companies--conducting business training; helping them prepare solid business plans and facilitating contacts with credit institutions. The results will be publicized to serve as examples for other SMEs.

"Gizil Petek" NGO--Amendment ($4,875)

An amendment has been added to survey and assess beekeepers' equipment needs, and to improve and strengthen the association. This work is being done with the help of ACDI/VOCA.

About the Eurasia Foundation

Privately managed with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development and other sponsors, we have made more than 6,500 grants totaling approximately $130 million to support democratic and economic reform in 12 countries of the former Soviet Union since 1993. In Azerbaijan, we have awarded more than $4 million in grants to advance local initiatives in civil society, private enterprise, and public administration and policy. Please visit and

Contact: Dena Hawes

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