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 Press release - The Third Sector supports the project "Infoterminal" (AYLU)

 Press release date: 16.08.2001

The Third Sector supports the project "Infoterminal"

On August 13, 2001 the round-table on the project "Multifunctional Infoterminal of the NGOs in Caucasian Region" was held at headquarter of IEPF.

Umud Mirzoyev, the chairman of IEPF declared a round-table open. He provided the participants of the meeting with the detailed information on the project "Infoterminal". The participants listening interestingly to the speech by Umud Mirzoyev put forward valuable proposals, mentioned the necessity of the project and noted that they would take part in and render assistance for the activity of Infoterminal.

The representatives of the leading NGOs – Haji Agamoglanov and Ulvi Akhundlu - the collaborators of ISAR, Ali Guliyev - the chairman of the Congress of NGOs in Azerbaijan, Azer Hasret – the chairman of Journalists` Trade Union, Vahid Parvizoglu – the chairman of Inam Center for Pluralism and others participated in the round-table.

The participants of the meeting came to a conclusion that "Infoterminal" would be very important for the activity of the Third Sector in Azerbaijan as well as in the Caucasus Region. This depends on the activities of NGOs.

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