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 Press release - Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society held its XX General Assembly (AzRC)

 Press release date: 18.03.2003

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Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society held its XX General Assembly

Founded in 1920, March 10 by initiative of general-lieutenant Aliaga Shikhlinski and assisted to the vulnerable people, Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (AzRC) living and functioning in its 83 years glorious history.

On March 12, 2003 in the State Theatre of Song named after Rashid Behbutov XX General Assembly of Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society held. Vice-president Gafar Askerzadeh presented the agenda of the General Assembly to the participants. After adoption the agenda the Chief of the Society Novruz Aslanov appeared with report on the activity of AzRC for period from July 20, 1999 till March 12, 2003. The Strategy Work Plan (SWP) for 2003-2005 and new Statute were adopted. The report of Financial Commission attended and relevant decisions were taken.

According to the new adopted Statute Novruz Aslanov was elected as a President of Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society, Gafar Askerzadeh and Ramazan Sultanov as vice-presidents of AzRC. It has to be mentioned that new Statute of AzRC being highly appreciated by Joint Commission of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Federation) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) could be used as the best practice for other National Societies.

The congratulation letter sent by the President of Azerbaijan Republic, the honorable member of AzRC, His Excellency Mr. Heydar Aliyev to the participants of the General Assembly became a significant fact of the whole event. The letter to the participants of the General Assembly read the head of Humanitarian policy department of the Azerbaijan Republic President Apparatus Fatma Abdullazadeh. On behalf of 130 thousand members, 14 thousand volunteers of AzRC the candidate of the President of Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Heydar Aliyev was nominated for the next presidential elections and the appeal to him adopted.
The participants of the General Assembly were nearly 180 representatives, the members of AzRC Society's Executive Committee, Heads of ICRC and Federation Delegations in Azerbaijan, also representatives of government authorities and ministries, diplomatic corps.

It should be specifically mentioned the comments of the Head of Federation Delegation in Azerbaijan madam Hlin Baldvinsdottir: "The Federation will continue to support the development of the AzRC. I know, that the National Society has bright future. During my participation in the General Assembly where the new Statute adopted this became evident to me".

Also, on the General Assembly the Chief of State Material Resource Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic, the member of AzRC Mr. Gulmammed Javadov and the active member of AzRC, National Artist Ilgama Guliyeva were awarded with Honorable Diplomas.

At the end of event a concert with participation of well-known music-stars Akper, Rashad Ilyasov, "N Brothers" and Ilgama Guliyeva held.

Central local TV channels and newspapers highlighted the whole process of the event.

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