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 Press release - International seminar on prison health opens in Baku (ICRC)

 Press release date: 03.04.2003

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2 April 2003


Baku (ICRC) - The international seminar on "Health in Prison", organized by the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan, opens today 2nd April 2003 in Baku. About 55 participants are attending this seminar for three days to debate and share their experience on health care in the penitentiary system.

The ICRC expects that the event will give an outstanding opportunity for the medical personnel working in detention places in Azerbaijan to assess the main medical challenges on detainees' well being, and increase the medical personnel's knowledge on international requirements for the health management and relationship with inmates.

The participants include medical specialists and state officials from Azerbaijan, as well as experts from different countries. Representatives of the World Health Organization, GTZ and other institutions predominantly active in health care are also attending this seminar.

In accordance with the agreement signed in June 2000 - and extended in July 2002- between the delegation and the government of Azerbaijan, the ICRC delegates regularly carries out visits to places of detention under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Security. Medical personnel of the ICRC always accompany delegates in order to provide expertise and to improve - if deemed necessary - health in detention for the benefit of all persons deprived of their freedom. The findings are shared with the relevant authorities and possible recommendations are discussed in a confidential and constructive dialogue.

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