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 Press release - Int'l Federation - Anti-Malaria Programme (IFRC)

 Press release date: 30.04.1997

Anti-Malaria Programme

The coming of summer brings a seasonal change in the problems faced by the 44,000 internally displaced persons living in the seven Southern Camps. The month of May marks the beginning of the malaria season in Azerbaijan, especially in the southern region of the country which is the conducive to the spread of the disease. For this reason the anti-malaria campaign, successfully conducted last year, was re-launched on 30 April. As in the previous year the International Federation, the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan (MOH) and the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (AzRC) signed an agreement on implementation of a nation-wide public health education campaign to be carried out during the 6 month long malaria season. Prevention and control activities will be carried out by the AzRC and the Federation in the districts of Sabirabad, Imisli, Saatli, Bilesuvar, Ali-Bayramli, Beyleqan and Agcabedi.

The project design of this campaign is based on the World Health Organisation recommendations for malaria control in Azerbaijan and closely co-ordinated with the MOH. The public health education campaign is designed to raise public awareness about the malaria menace. For this purpose 200,000 leaflets and 2,000 posters have been printed and distributed. Moreover, special anti-malaria TV spots are being broadcast on the state television. The information material carries the important message of malaria prevention and correct self-treatment by patient; consulting a doctor immediately if a person shows signs of malaria; and full patient compliance, i.e. to always finish the required doze of medicine.

The anti-malaria campaign is fully funded by the Netherlands Red Cross Society which had generously donated USD 145,000 for this purpose.

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