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 Press release - IFRC - Anti-Malaria Progamme (IFRC)

 Press release date: 02.07.1997

Anti-Malaria Progamme

As in the previous year, the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies together with the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society and the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, are engaged in an anti-malaria campaign which encompasses the districts of Sabirabad, Saatli, Imishli, Bilasuvar, Ali-Bayramli, Beylagan and Agjebedi. In the two months since the 30th of April when the participating parties signed the official agreement on there has been very satisfactory progress in the implementation of the constituent parts for the campaign.

Training courses in the treatment, prophylactic and case definition were organised by the Federation and facilitated by the MOH in the programme run seven districts. The courses designed for medical staff attached to the Federation and the Ministry of Health, laboratory technicians, AzRC nurses and volunteers were run for two days in each camp. In total, 348 people attended these courses.

The anti-malaria insecticide ICON 10% WP, which effectively proved itself during the last year, was delivered to the country. This time it was provided by the Netherlands Red Cross Society in the amount of 200 kg to be used in two stages. Thus far, the first stage of the insecticide spraying was conducted by well-trained personnel from the Hygiene Epidemiological Stations in the Southern Camps, all IDP settlements in seven districts and also in the Barda IDP camp. Excellent results were obtained. The second stage will be conducted by the end of July. Also, the drainage of standing water is actively being tackled by the Water & Sanitation teams in the Southern Camps. This action considerably decreases the risk of mosquito breeding.

In the Southern Camps, the Federation health promoters distribute PIRYMETHMINE to the IDPs on a weekly basis to prevent re-emergence of malaria. In typical to Red Cross and Red Crescent fashion they are personally calling door-to-door distributing medicine.

The Health Education Workshop was held for those responsible for implementing the campaign at the grass roots level, namely 44 AzRC volunteer nurses. Accurate information about malaria and preventative measures from this workshop was subsequently disseminated by the nurses in their respective communities to raise public awareness about the disease. Also, 200,000 leaflets and 2,000 posters carrying educational information on three key messages are currently being distributed throughout the country.

To date, all the Hygiene Epidemiological Stations in seven districts received all the necessary medication for treatment and prophylactic as well as laboratory materials for diagnosis. Moreover, in the districts of Agjebedi, Beylagan and Ali Bayramli microscopes were donated to the Hygiene Epidemiological Stations.

For more information please, contact the Information Department of the Azerbaijan Delegation of the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (Tel: 92 57 92 and 92 67 69).

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