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 Press release - First Professional Development Seminar (APRA)

 Press release date: 26.05.2003


BAKU, AZERBAIJAN - The Azerbaijan Public Relations Association (APRA) is proud to announce the successful completion of its first professional development seminar on Public Relations Opportunities on the Internet, hosted by the British Petroleum Enterprise Center on May 23, 2003.

Mr. Ramil Maherramov, APRA's Managing Director and Public Information Officer of Mercy Corps, opened the seminar by familiarizing participants with the association's mission and organizational structure. He also introduced the association's founding members to all those gathered.

He was followed by Mr. Namik Heydarov, PR Manager of Internews Azerbaijan and member of the Public Relations Society of America, who described for the audience methods of turning a company website into an effective public relations tool.

Building on this, Mr. Anar Novruzlu, Executive Director of Azer.Net, an information technology development company, outlined the basics of e-marketing and website development strategies applicable in Azerbaijan.

More than 50 people representing various local and international non-governmental and business organizations attended the seminar.

Future plans for APRA seminars to be held throughout the remainder of the year and into 2004 include in-depth discussions of topics such as Public Relations Strategies and Tactics and E-Marketing and Writing Skills.

APRA believes that professional workshops and seminars will contribute to a more enhanced network and better exchange of ideas among public relations specialists in Azerbaijan.

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