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 Press release - AYLU seminar on ECHR in Khachmaz (AYLU)

 Press release date: 26.05.2003

AYLU seminar on ECHR in Khachmaz

On May 24, 2003 the seminar the Substantial Provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights had been held by Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU) in Khachmaz region (North part of Azerbaijan).

The seminar is organized in the framework of the Promotion of new generation of lawyers in Caucasus project implemented by the British East West Center (BEWC). AYLU is local implementing partner of BEWC project in Azerbaijan.

Parviz Isgandarov graduated BEWC seminar in London (in 2002), the head of the Human Rights Department of AYLU has led the seminar. Deputy chairman of AYLU Elmari Mamishov has also participated at the meeting.

20 local NGO members in Khachmaz were participated at the seminar.

The seminar primarily related to the European Court of Human Rights (procedure, mechanisms of applying. The seminar had been held at the Human Rights Center of Khachmaz-Guba region.

The next AYLU-BEWC seminar is planning to be held in Guba region in June 2003.

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