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 Press release - Vital assistance to medical institutions (IFRC)

 Press release date: 14.12.1997

Vital assistance to medical institutions

Distribution of vital medicines and medical supplies for inmates suffering from carcinoma is currently run by the International Federation and the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society.

The distribution started in May, 1997 following the signing of an official Agreement between the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society and the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan. According to the Agreement pharmaceutical assistance is rendered to four specialised oncological institutions which are: The Republican Oncology Centre, The Baku City Oncology Dispensary, the Sumgait Oncology Dispensary and the Hemato-Oncology Department of the Republican Children’s Hospital. Made possible with a generous donation, worth USD 250,000 from the Government of Japan, the distribution will last 12 months.

The medicines and medical supplies will enable the chemotherapy treatment of seriously ill cancer patients who have malignant tumours - including various types of leukaemia. The quantities distributed are according to request from each institution and, most importantly, free of charge for the patients in need.

The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society, which is in charge of the distribution of the medicines, will also conduct regular monthly monitoring of the implementation of the programme in the four above-mentioned oncological institutions.

Taken word for from press release, dated 15 December, 1997

ZAMAN newspaper, dated 16 December, 1997

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