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 Press release - APRA Conducts Successful Public Relations and Fundraising Seminar (APRA)

 Press release date: 08.07.2003


Attended by over 45 participants representing non-governmental and governmental and business organizations

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN - The Azerbaijan Public Relations Association (APRA) announced today that it has successfully conducted a seminar on Public Relations Principles and Innovative Fundraising Methods. The seminar was facilitated by APRA's leading public relations specialists and hosted by the BP Enterprise Center.

Mr. Ramil Maharramov, APRA's Executive Director and the Public Information Officer of Mercy Corps, opened the seminar and introduced participants to the concepts of public relations and fundraising.

Mr. Javid Muradov, director of PRConsulting Agency and member of APRA, informed participants on the tools of creative fundraising and importance of visual media in the process of fundraising. Mr. Muradov concluded his presentation with a 15-minute video produced by PRConsulting for the Caspian Project Humanitarian Organization.

Mr. Tristram Perri, Deputy Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Azerbaijan, invited as a guest of honor, highly praised the APRA's initiative to conduct monthly professional development seminars and expressed his intention to join APRA and help its members with technical advice and consultations. Mr. Perry is an experienced public relations practitioner, who dedicated many years of his career to teaching public relations in the University of Massachusetts.

More than 45 participants representing various local and international non-governmental, business and government organizations attended the seminar. This seminar was the second in the series of seminars on public relations topics. Future seminars are planned throughout the remainder of the year and into 2004.

APRA believes that professional workshops and seminars will help establish a wider network of public relations specialists in Azerbaijan and will create better opportunities to exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned.

APRA was founded in April 2003 by the public relations professionals representing Internews Azerbaijan, Mercy Corps International, Baku Interbank Currency Exchange, United Aid for Azerbaijan, Cooperative Housing Foundation, Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Association, AzerNet, PRConsulting, Hatt Research Company and UniBank in order to research challenges, exchange best practices and perspectives in the field of public relations and promote public relations in the public administration, volunteer and business sectors in Azerbaijan

For more information please contact:

Ramil Maharramov, APRA Executive Director at

or at 97 51 72

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