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 Press release - International Federation - Press Release (IFRC)

 Press release date: 31.07.1998

Summer camp for IDP children

While serving the needs of an IDP population living in camps with all necessary practical items one should not forget that there is another important task - the alleviation of psychological stress. It becomes even more important if we speak about the IDP children who experienced together the hardship of war. Realizing that, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society came up with a proposal to implement a summer programme for children from the so-called Southern Camps.

Supported by the International Federation and the International Committee of Red Cross, the Azeri Red Crescent organized a camp to accommodate some forty children aged between 10 to 15 years old. Needless to say that children's faces beamed with joy while they were standing in line under the two flags - the Azeri national and the Red Crescent - hoisted up at the official opening ceremony on the 10th of August. Located in the Artem island, about 70 km away from Baku, the camp will be 'home' to the children for the next two weeks.

'Our main purpose is two-fold' says Mrs. Zarifa Husseynova, Acting President of the Azeri Red Crescent. 'Firstly we are endeavoring to provide a healthy environment, sports activities and entertainment for the children. Another important task for us is to instill the Red Cross and Red Crescent spirit in the children. This will be done through specially designed lectures, video presentations and role play sessions. So there is a lot to do, but I hope we will succeed'.

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