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 Press release - Yeni Khojavend Community Launches a Community-based Economic Opportunities Project (CHF)

 Press release date: 25.07.2003

Yeni Khojavend Community Launches a Community-based Economic Opportunities Project

The first economic opportunity project implemented by USAID-funded CHF's Social Investment Initiative Program in Azerbaijan

BEYLEGAN, AZERBAIJAN- CHF International takes great pleasure in announcing the completion of its first economic opportunities project in Azerbaijan.

The opening ceremony of the extension of the poultry incubator in Yeni Khojavend village of Beylegan, a project that began four months ago, was celebrated on July 21. The community-owned poultry incubator is one of the major sources of income for the 1,200 IDPs from Khojavend region who live in this camp. Previously, the IDPs stored their eggs in a dilapidated two-room military building. Once the eggs would hatch, they had no proper place to raise the chickens and had to sell the day-old chicks at a low price. To date, the enterprise has employed six people.

Through their partnership with CHF's Social Investment Initiative (SII) program, the community has renovated the existing building and built a new facility for raising the hatched chickens. Five percent of the profit will go to a community fund, which can be used to address other priorities. With the new broiler facility, the community-based enterprise will increase its production capacity and cover the local demand for poultry products.

The poultry incubator will provide greater economic opportunities in the community. With additional income from the sale of their chickens, the standard of living for the families of Yeni Khojavend will improve. In addition, the project has created 25 new full-time jobs. Neighboring Tebriz community, who contributed to the construction of the facility, will also benefit from the new business activity.

The incubator is the second project that Yeni Khojavend has implemented with CHF/SII. After the implementation of a road repair project in the first phase of the SII program in 2001, the community was selected for its strong self-initiative to implement another project in the second phase of SII.

CHF began the implementation of the SII program in January 2001 with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Since then, over 200 communities have applied to SII and implemented projects, which have directly improved the quality of life for more than 200,000 persons. Community groups across Azerbaijan have increased their capacity to prepare, manage and maintain social investments themselves.

The extension of the poultry incubator project is the combined effort of CHF, the Yeni Khojavend community and the local Executive Committee. The community contributed $8,159, 36% of the total project budget to match the CHF share of $13,501; remarkably, this contribution exceeded the required community contribution by 6%. In addition, the local Executive Committee provided 1,5 hectares of land for the construction of the facility.

For more information please contact:
Zahra Ahmedova, CHF International- Azerbaijan Outreach & External Information Specialist at or (12) 98-86-08/ 93-03-97

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