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 Press release - E-Readiness And Needs Of Azerbaijan In 2003 (AzDG)

 Press release date: 29.09.2003

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IN 2003

On September 29, 2003 the study electronic readiness and needs of Azerbaijan for 2003 within the framework of "Azerbaijan Development Gateway" project ( in Hyyat Regency hotel was held.
The purpose of research is the assessment of a level of introduction, use and definition of the basic problems of further application of newest Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Azerbaijan. Research results will be used for the further definition of tasks on development ICT. The research covered state and private sectors, civil communities and educational institutions of Azerbaijan. The similar research was carried out in 2001 within the framework of 1st stage of "Azerbaijan Development Gateway" project.
During presentation have acted the National Coordinator of "Azerbaijan Development Gateway" project Ms. Maleyka Abbaszadeh and Senior Adviser of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Mr. Sultan Hajiyev.

New product of the HP Company demonstrating an opportunity of Information and Communication Technologies application in formation and activity of state structures was presented to audience in the field of electronic government.

The results of the carried out poll will be included to general report of e-readiness and needs of state and private sectors of Azerbaijan in 2003.

* * *

Azerbaijan Development Gateway (AzDG) launched by World Bank and networked with the Development Gateway, would serve as a unique information and communication bridge that would match the needs and interests of the Azerbaijan community with those of the global community. This is a large-scale public project geared toward the poverty reduction in the country through facilitating an efficient and effective deployment of ICT in Azerbaijan. The AzDG would primarily provide new opportunities and lead to efficiency through merging national and International communities by the most effective and exciting online techniques.
The AzDG is innovative project initiated by World Bank that aims to promote the Internet as a central tool for development at a global level. The AzDG will maximize the power of the Internet for countries across the globe through an interconnected network of country portals, or Country Gateways (such as the AzDG), and a Global Gateway site.
"Azerbaijan Development Gateway" project AzDG ( is financed by Development Gateway Foundation and UNDP. Project is realized by State Students Admission Commission together with the partners representing state and business establishments, and also civil society.

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