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 Press release - Getting Open Access To The Information On Credit And Loan (AzDG)

 Press release date: 29.09.2003

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Representatives of small and medium scale business as well as any interested person can get open access in the near future to the information on credit and loan. Such opportunity will be granted by one of sections of the "Azerbaijan Development Gateway" Internet project. The preparing section named "Access to credit resources" will include data on credit granting institutions, about their terms and conditions, possible volumes and other helpful information.

Any website user interested in drawing up of a credit, can make inquiry according to his/her criteria, which will be automatically dispatched to all creditors.

The given resource is the joint project of AzDG team and "Business Development Alliance" (BIA) organization.

For development of this resource the initiative group has created. This group includes such organizations as CDC and Azerbaijan Microfinance Association and such banks as Nikoil, UniBank, Respublika, Azerigazbank.

ERA Company will be engaged in gathering of information on credits and creditors with the financial support of CDC.

The bank and other credit agencies functioning in Azerbaijan will take part in this project.

Necessity of such resource has been revealed as a result of researches carried out independently and in different time by AzDG team and "Save the Children" organization.

The presentation of "Access to credit resources" section is planned to be held in November.

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