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 Press release - Apra Conducts Seminar on Image Building and Corporate Standards (APRA)

 Press release date: 09.12.2003

December 9, 2003 For Immediate Release


BAKU, AZERBAIJAN -- The Azerbaijan Public Relations Association (APRA) announced today that it has successfully delivered a workshop on Corporate Standards and Image Building on December 5th, 2003 at the BP Enterprise Center.

Although it may seem simple and even ordinary to many, applying corporate standards to designing a company logo or using a special dress code in the office, play an important role in helping today's business people in Azerbaijan market their products. That is what Ogtay Mammadov, an APRA member, attempted to demonstrate during his 30-minute PowerPoint presentation on December 5th.

"The subject of corporate standards is pretty tedious, yet necessary for successful marketing efforts", said Ogtay Mammadov.

Javid Muradov, the head of PR Consulting (PRC) - a Baku based public relations firm - hosted the second part of the seminar devoted to Image Building. By drawing examples from the real life business environment, Javid Muradov pointed out the importance of video news releases and short promotional documentaries in delivering the corporate message. He finalized his presentation with a short training video, designed by PRC.

More than 50 participants representing various local and international business and non-government organizations attended the seminar. This seminar was the third in a series of seminars on public relations topics organized by APRA in 2003 with support from Internews Azerbaijan ( Further seminars are planned throughout 2004.

APRA is a network of Azeri public relations practitioners, founded in April 2003 by Internews Azerbaijan, Mercy Corps International, Baku Interbank Currency Exchange, United Aid for Azerbaijan, Cooperative Housing Foundation, Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Association, AzerNet, PRConsulting, Hatt Research Company and UniBank in order to research challenges, exchange best practices and perspectives in the field of public relations and promote public relations in the public administration, volunteer and business sectors in Azerbaijan.

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