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 Press release - Press Release (ADSAYO)

 Press release date: 24.12.2003

22 December 2003

Azerbaijan Democratic Student & Youth Organization (ADSAYO)

Press release

ADSAYO, Baku - On 22 December 2003, Azerbaijan Democratic Student & Youth Organization (ADSAYO) organized a charity entertainment for children of Orphanage 3 at Ahmadli suburb of Baku. The benevolent purpose of this ADSAYO project was to share orphans concerns and feelings, to provide material and moral support, and give them at least one day of enjoyment to make them forget about their problems on the eve of World Azerbaijanis Day and New Year holiday.
Garadakh Sement, Baku Steel Company, Azeri-Castel, Azerigazbank companies and Baldini shop kindly assisted in organization of this joyful event for 160 Azerbaijani orphans.
The songs performed by specially invited popular singers, like Javanshir Mammadov, Firuza Ibadova, Ruhangiz Allahverdiyeva, Elariz Mammadoghlu, Nadir Gafarzadeh, Rauf Asadov, along with junior singers, like Shafa, Ilgar Pirsaghli, Vakil Punhanoghlu and meykhana singer Mirsadiq made this day unforgettable for the children.

Within the charity event, ADSAYO Project Coordinator Gulnara Baghirova presented a TV set, household articles, food and cookery products and New Year gifts to the orphans home and the residents.

Since the foundation in 1995 ADSAYO has conducted tens of the similar humanitarian and social benevolent projects. Furthermore, ADSAYO has planned to carry out charity events for orphans living in other regions of Azerbaijan devoted to Gurban and Novruz holidays, and World Childrens Day.

ADSAYO was founded in 1995 and registered in the Ministry of Justice as a non-governmental organization. For the time being the organization unites over 3,000 young people from 21 urban and rural offices over the country. The main aims and activities are focused to increase educational, cultural and intellectual levels of the youth; advocate their interests; broaden youth participation in the civil society building. ADSAYO is one of the founding members of the National Youth Council and National NGO Forum of Azerbaijan. The organizations members are presented at European Youth Forum and Advisory Coucil of the Directorate of Youth, Sport of the Council of Europe.

Up to present through support of BP, UNDP, UNVP, Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation, Open Society Institute, and Japanese, Norwegian and US embassies ADSAYO has realised a number of various projects.

In 2003 Council of Europe nominated ADSAYO for Second Prize of Young active citizen of Europe Award for the dedicated work in encouragement of youth participation in civil society building in the rural areas.

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