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 Press release - 1 December 2001: Red Cross Red Crescent Marks World AIDS Day (IFRC)

 Press release date: 02.12.2001



1 December 2001: Red Cross Red Crescent Marks World AIDS Day

Within the Red Cross and Red Crescent efforts to promote awareness of general public about HIV/AIDS, the IFRC Azerbaijan Delegation and the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society have initiated a Pilot HIV/AIDS Peer Education Project. The Project funded by the Netherlands Government through the Netherlands Red Cross Society, targets mostly the young generation and aims at raising people's knowledge about HIV/AIDS through the educated teenagers.

Given a current economic situation, which makes a huge number of unemployed young people to leave the country seeking a temporary job elsewhere, there are more possibilities for HIV/AIDS to become a topic of the day in Azerbaijan. To attract general public's attention to the problem, IFRC and AzRC have conducted a number of activities linked to the World's AIDS Day on 1 December.

About 400 teenagers (Baku schoolchildren and AzRC volunteers) participated in an HIV/AIDS Awareness March organized by AzRC. The march participants dressed in Red Crescent/ NO AIDS T-shirts, passed through the central streets of Baku, carrying the posters and distributing HIV/AIDS Awareness leaflets. More than 200 teenagers throughout the streets joined the march and expressed their support to the awareness campaign initiated by Red Cross Red Crescent in Baku. During the day more than 2,500 leaflets were distributed.

The March was followed by a free pop-music concert for 2,000 teenagers in a 'Republic' Palace. The most popular singers performed at the concert and raised their voices against AIDS.

In the evening, a Charity Classic Music Concert and a Reception was organized at the German Church Orchestra Hall. The Concert / Reception was attended by representatives of Foreign Diplomatic Representations and international organizations, as well as those from local authorities and large companies.

"IFRC, the world's largest humanitarian network said in its statement to mark the World AIDS Day, that in Africa alone at least five million grandparents have gone back to being parents as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic which has seen 12 million children losing one or both parents. The world is very small and Azerbaijan is not an isolated island. What we want to achieve to-day through all our HIV/AIDS awareness activities, is to cover as much people in Azerbaijan as possible and involve them in the worldwide HIV/AIDS awareness campaign," Drina Karahasanovic, Acting Head of the IFRC Azerbaijan Delegation said in her welcome address to the concert participants.

For more information, please contact Nigar Garibova at the Information Department of the Azerbaijan Delegation of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Tel: (99 4 12) 92 57 92 Fax: (99 4 12) 97 18 89

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