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 Press release - Azeris helping Azeris - Solutions for the future (ISAR)

 Press release date: 30.04.2000

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Press Release

Azeris helping Azeris - Solutions for the future
Introducing Azeri NGOs at the first local NGO Fair

The Indoor Games Palace on the Boulevard in Baku will be home to the largest NGO event ever seen in Azerbaijan on June 3rd. Sixty of the more than 300 active local NGOs will have the opportunity to show the general public, international NGOs, and local and international business and government structures exactly what they have been doing over the last eight years since Azerbaijan gained independence.

The Azeri NGO community is dynamic and enterprising and reflects the Azeri spirit of resourcefulness and giving to others. This ground-breaking event will reveal the diversity of answers being found to Azerbaijans complex problems in the following eight spheres: civil society and human rights; womens NGOs; migration, refugees and IDPs; art, education and science; environment; health; children and youth; social assistance and development.

There two aims of the Fair are to raise public awareness of the activities and potential of this little-known sector and to improve communication and understanding between NGOs, business and government.

The Games Palace will be transformed as organizations present their work through print, videos, displays and the performing arts. Visitors to the Fair will find the answers to questions such as:

What are NGOs ? Why does Azerbaijan need them ? What do they do ?

More than just an exhibition entertainment for all ages by professional artists as well as NGOs will attract a wide audience.

An opening ceremony will involve Azeri and international government representatives, business persons, members of the press and, of course, the participating NGO members.

The NGO Fair is intended to be an annual event. The current Fair is being coordinated by ISAR-Azerbaijan with the support of a committee of local NGOs; future Fairs will be organised predominantly by a similar committee with some ISAR-Azerbaijan support.

Where: Indoor Games Palace, Neftchilar Prospect (on the Boulevard)
Date: 3 June 2000
Time: 12.30 20.00
Entrance: FREE

For more information about the Fair, please contact Sara Feinstein at ISAR on 95-25-57, 95-30-37, 97-31-55; email:

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