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 Press release - Social Investment: A way to an effective PR seminar successfully delivered by APRA (APRA)

 Press release date: 16.03.2004

March 13, 2004 For immediate release

Social Investment: A way to an effective PR seminar successfully delivered by APRA

The Azerbaijan Public Relations Association (APRA) is pleased to announce that it has successfully delivered the seminar on the topic of Social Investment: A way to an effective PR on March 12, 2004 at the BP Enterprise Center. The seminar was the fourth workshop organized by the association to develop and promote practice of effective PR methods by NGOs, business and public administration institutions.
Over 30 participants representing oil companies, NGOs, and different businesses attended the seminar. Seminar facilitated by Ramil Maharramov, APRA Director, discussed social investment in relation to PR, classic methods of PR, advantages of social investment over classic PR methods, implementation process of social investment, types of social investment activities, samples from social investment activities of different companies, and practical exercises which involved all participants.
Social investment is a process where companies and institutions assist their target communities to help themselves through rehabilitation of economic, social and physical infrastructure and learning of new skills and knowledge. According to Ramil Maharramov social investment has several advantages over classic PR methods including corporate newspapers, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, charity activities and so forth. Social investment activities assist the company to become a responsible social citizen, develop civil society, contribute to social stability, improve business environment, develop local infrastructure, and help local communities to address their socio-economic problems, he said. Moreover, social investment activities can be measured by set indicators, have long lasting sustainable outcomes and may have effective exit strategies, he added.
Ramil Maharramov said that there is no better way of becoming a responsible social citizen than that of through social investment. He noted that to a great unfortunate not many companies and institutions employ social investment in Azerbaijan currently and called on all far sighted companies and institutions which have long term interests in Azerbaijan to take on board social investment practice, and effectively and extensively employ them to achieve improved environment for themselves and their communities.

APRA was founded in April 2003 by the public relations professionals representing different NGOs and companies in order to research challenges, exchange best practices and perspectives in the field of public relations and promote public relations in the public administration, volunteer and business sectors in Azerbaijan.

For additional information please contact Ramil Maharramov at or visit

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