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 Press release - New Publications from ISAR-Azerbaijan (ISAR)

 Press release date: 31.10.2000

New Publications from ISAR-Azerbaijan

In an effort of increase public awareness about the local NGO sector in Azerbaijan, ISAR’s Information & Outreach Program has recently released 2 new publications in Azeri and English. Produced in early November 2000, these publications include Azerbaijanis Helping Azerbaijanis: Local NGOs Working Toward Solutions for the Future and Building Bridges: NGO-Business Relations in Azerbaijan.

Despite the fact that NGOs have had a positive impact on people’s lives in Azerbaijan, public awareness about NGO activity is still limited. The illustrated book, Azerbaijanis Helping Azerbaijanis, was published with the intention of increasing readers understanding of NGOs and their activity. This book tells the stories, through NGO representatives’ own words, of 7 NGOs working actively in Azerbaijan today. In the book, the NGO leaders and volunteers explain why they are involved in NGO activity and what they believe to be the main value of their work. Support for production of this book was received from USAID, the Norwegian Embassy, AIOC and the Open Society Institute.

The second publication, Building Bridges, produced with financial support from USAID and International Alert, is aimed at promoting cooperation and building relationships between companies and NGOs in Azerbaijan. This paper is based on research ISAR carried out on 40 companies working in Azerbaijan and the results of a seminar on Corporate Social Investment held in Baku in June 2000. Building Bridges reviews corporate contribution to date, discusses existing challenges that hinder corporate-community interaction and provides recommendations for ways to increase partnerships between these two sectors in Azerbaijan in the future. The importance of cooperation between companies and NGOs and the positive influence this cooperation can bring to Azerbaijan is discussed throughout the paper.

Copies of these books are available from the ISAR-Azerbaijan NGO Resource and Computer Center.

For more detailed information, please contact ISAR-Azerbaijan’s Information & Outreach Program.

24 Jefar Jabbarli, apt. 2
Tel: 95-25-57, 95-30-37

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