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 Press release - ISAR Organizes First Regional NGO Meeting (ISAR)

 Press release date: 30.11.2000

ISAR Organizes First Regional NGO Meeting

The first regional NGO meeting organized by ISAR took place on December 6 in Mingechevir, with participants from non-governmental organizations from Sheki, Ganja, and Mingechevir. The meeting was financed through support from USAID.

The goal of the regional meeting was to facilitate the exchange of information between regional NGOs, help determine methods of effective cooperation between them, familiarize them with new resources for NGOs, and familiarize the regional NGOs with the work of international organizations in order to encourage the further development of relationships between them.

The first regional meeting was attended by over thirty local NGO representatives, as well as representatives from five international organizations working with local NGOs in Azerbaijan, including Oxfam, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). International Refugee Council (IRC), Open Society Institute (OSI), and The Eurasia Foundation. Additionally, members of the Mingechevir mass media and local government observed the sessions.

The meeting began with presentations about the state of the Third Sector in Sheki, Ganja, and Mingechevir, including the problems and successes of NGOs in these regions. This was followed by a discussion on the topics of What is an NGO?

Following discussions and group work about the local NGO sector, representatives from the participating international organizations gave presentations. They told participants about the missions of their organizations, and how they incorporate work with local NGOs into their work in Azerbaijan. The presentations were followed by a question-answer session and an informal discussion period, in order to let both the international and local NGOs from the different cities learn more about each other.

Meeting participants noted that this gathering was a first step toward their working together on various projects and issues important to Azerbaijan.

A report will be prepared based on the results of the meeting. This report will be distributed to local NGOs, international participants, and others who may be interested in learning more.

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