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 Press release - For immediate release (APRA)

 Press release date: 28.06.2004

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June 26, 2004 Press Release
For immediate release

APRA and a group of Azerbaijanis studying or working abroad assisted the internally displaced school situated in Bibi-Heybat oil fields
On June 19, 2004 Azerbaijan Public Relations Association (APRA) and a group of Azerbaijanis studying or working abroad donated the school situated in Bibi-Heybat oil fields a new computer, tape player, different books and educational materials as part of the initiative to contribute to improvement of the quality of education for 77 mostly internally displaced students.
The internally displaced school #4 of the Zengilan rayon opened in 1995. It operates in six classrooms constructed by Reza Diggati, a National Geographic magazine photographer, an ex-patriate Azerbaijani and an international NGO. The school is officially incorporated into the national education system and provides primary and secondary education to students aged 6 to 15 years. The school has one of the highest attendance rates in the area and most of students have excellent performance.
During several visits to the school an APRA representative noticed critical need for modern equipment, a school library and additional educational materials to improve the quality of education further. He communicated info on needs of the school to his colleagues and Azerbaijanis working or studying abroad, who quickly came together to raise funds and assist the school
The assistance to the school included new computer with internet modem and all required accessories, a tape player, around 50 books on different topics and educational materials including maps, posters and etc. Remaining funds is kept to be used for the "Book Reading" competition among students. The aim of this competition is to encourage students to read more books and to understand benefits of reading books. The results of this competition will be announced in September 2004 based on decision of the jury and winners will be presented with different valuable gifts.
Khanmammed Khanmemmedov, a director of the school, said that thanks to the new computer from now on the school will be able to provide much demanded computer classes to its students. He said: "The computer will also establish our connection with the outside world and schools in other countries. We will be able to equip our students with modern skills. Thanks to donated books we will establish the library of the school." He added that new equipment and donated books represent significant motivation for our students as well.
Commenting on the initiative Ramil Maharramov, APRA Director sad: "The initiative is a good example of what can be achieved when people and organizations come together for good purpose even with limited resources. We as APRA work not only to promote application of PR practices in Azerbaijan, we also want to demonstrate best PR methods with real actions of our own as well".
He added that APRA is committed to work to demonstrate and increase awareness on effective PR methods in Azerbaijan. "We as APRA believe that PR work should not only manage relations of an organization with its stakeholders, but also do good to people i.e. directly benefit people through capacity building and/or sustainable socio-economic assistance initiatives."
APRA was founded in April 2003 by the public relations professionals representing different NGOs and companies in order to research challenges, exchange best practices and perspectives in the field of public relations and promote public relations in the public administration, volunteer and business sectors in Azerbaijan.

For additional information please contact Ramil Maharramov at or visit

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