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 Press release - Press Release (AAYA)

 Press release date: 26.07.2004


23 July 2004


Information related the training-seminars being held in Fizuli district within the project titled "Development of partnership and linkages between municipalities and young people" with the funding of World Bank, OSI-AF and the Eurasia Foundation.

The participants of training-seminars are young people from 16-35 ages, local communities and representatives of municipalities and executive powers. Seminars also engage representatives of local refugee and IDP communities. The amounts of participants differ between 30-40 individuals.

The topic of seminars and workshops is dedicated the theme like "the indispensability and importance of local self-governance in democracy", "the participation forms of citizens in local self-governance processes" "division of authority between state structures and local self-government units" and "finding solution ways for existing social problems by participating in the local-self governance processes".

By developing the present project AAYSA tends to promote more active participation of Azeri citizens-youth in local self-governance processes, to raise their awareness on the democratic processes and institutions in their communities, to create the bridge between the local self-government and government units and the youth community members-including refugees, IDP, disabled representatives with the prospective of strengthening relationships between youth, community, municipal and government members in order to promote local solutions for local concerns.

By implementing this project with above mentioned population groups, organization draws attention of local self-government officials, government representatives to the problems and necessities of these groups by explaining them one of the solution ways of these problems in partnership and cooperation between the local self-government and government units and the youth community members. This project actively engage youth in the larger local self-governance processes while preparing them to take on responsibilities in this field for implementing projects concerning the problems applying the mentioned group.

Improvement mutual understanding and dialog skills between individuals from youth, community and municipal leadership groups and government officials by organizing regular meetings and workshops aimed at engaging them in community conversation on an issue of local solutions for local community concerns is the priority of project.

Within the project the booklet titled "Participation in municipality work and in municipal elections" was published. The booklet reflects appropriate materials related the enlightening program of the project.

At the second stage of the project, presentation of booklets and public discussion dedicated the problems that the project is seeking out in rural parts of Azerbaijan will be held.

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