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 Press release - The Eurasia Foundation Awards More Than $125,000 In Grants (EF)

 Press release date: 10.03.2002




Baku, Azerbaijan (March 11, 2002)-The Eurasia Foundation representative office in Baku has awarded $126,358 in grants to promote private enterprise and civil society development in Azerbaijan. Grant recipients are the Baku Press Club, Azerbaijan University, International Center of Analysis of Problems of Business Ethics (INAM), and the Engineering Charitable Society.

Baku Press Club ($28,793) "The Council of the Press"
To support establishment of a commission for self-regulation of the written press, a "Council of the Press," that will increase independence of the press, and help defend the public's right to free speech. The Council will be empowered to make all decisions concerning the written press up to court cases. The project will include roundtables for journalists to define the role of the Council; training for 30 potential commission members; a demonstration of Council decision-making; preparation of statutes and regulations governing its work, and a culminating forum at which journalists will vote to bring the council into effect.

Engineering Charitable Society ($30,530) "Involvement of Small Enterprises in Recycling"
To support conditions for recycling of newsprint and production of paper in Azerbaijan to provide the press and publishers with access to less expensive paper. The project aims to show the public, enterprises and the media the advantages of recycling newsprint; to familiarize small enterprises with recycling technology, and then to develop a strategy for the collection and reprocessing of newsprint so that local, small business will undertake these activities. To this end, the project will ascertain the level of demand and price for paper in Azerbaijan; conduct public educational seminars; arrange visits to two newspaper recycling ventures in Russian and Georgia, and organize an exhibition demonstrating collection; recycling and uses for finished product.

Azerbaijan University ($34,007) "Refinement/Testing a New University Tax Law Program"
In support of a new academic program in "Tax Law" for university law and economic departments. This project will introduce curricula developed under a previous grant at one university, which has agreed to attendance of students from other institutions, in order to revise and develop a discipline for use in economic and legal departments across Azerbaijan. This is part of a multi-grant approach to educate the public, commercial enterprises and legal professionals about their rights and responsibilities before the new tax code.

INAM ($33,028) "Developing and Marketing of Family-Based Craft Business"
To assist development of small businesses in the regions committed to handicraft production. The project will train craftsmen in 7 regions (Sheki, Kakh, Zagatali, Belokan, Guba, Khachmas, Ismailli), organize a trade fair where their goods will be offered for sale, establish an organization to continue promoting the development of handicrafts and support their sale, and produce a list of recommendations to encourage the government to stimulate handicraft production.

About the Eurasia Foundation

Privately managed with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development and other sponsors, the Eurasia Foundation has made more than 5,800 grants for $115.9 million in 12 countries of the former Soviet Union since 1993. In Azerbaijan, the Eurasia Foundation supports local initiatives in civil society and private enterprise and has awarded more than $3 million in grants. For more information, please visit

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