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 Press release - Trainings of AYLU on Human Rights in Sheki and Ismayilli (AYLU)

 Press release date: 08.11.2004

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Trainings on human rights in Sheki and Ismayilli


We would like to inform you that Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU) from September 2004 started the project Youth Human Rights Network. The project supported by US Embassy in Baku. The trainings on human rights protection within the framework of the above mentioned project had been conducted for youth in Sheki and Ismayilli.

The aim of the project is mobilizing of efforts of youth within the Human Rights Youth Network for improvement of the situation with human rights in Azerbaijan through the Enlightenment on Human Rights and Human Rights Protection activity in 6 regions of Azerbaijan.

One of the objectives of the network is to increase the knowledge and activeness of youth and youth organizations their leaders and members in direction of independent protection of human rights. Trainings were hosted at the training rooms of the Sheki Center for Civil Society and the Ismayilli City Municipality in close collaboration with the mentioned organizations.

Trainings conducted by the experienced trainers of AYLU on human rights Ramil Isgandarov and Murad Yahyayev on the basis of the Human Rights Training Module prepared by the experts of AYLU.

25 young people in each region were participated at the training. 5 most active participants will be selected for creation of the Mobile Group of the Network according to the Work Plan. The Mobile Group will implement the following activities:

- Conducting the Training for Mobile Groups.

- The Mobile Group members those selected among the seminar participant at the 1st phase will be trained by the Trainers Groups at the 2nd phase.

- Monitoring and Reporting by Mobile Group Members

After the completing of the Trainings, the Mobile Group members had been given an opportunity to monitor the human rights situations through the using of the monitoring mechanisms and methods gained at the training.

- Protection activity

Beside the monitoring activity the Mobile Group members will render free protection assistance to the people in Baku and regions.


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