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 Press release - Cross visits (IW)

 Press release date: 25.01.2005



Cross visits is the key of the success

The activity being held regarding the community development has been increased during the latest years. Implementation of development projects in the communities, establishment of income generating enterprizes, enhancement of enlightenment programs implies just one purpose: achieve the sustainable development of the communities through their involvement into the process. Along with the international organizations, the local NGOs have also been involved in the related issue.

Azad Qadin is one those LNGOs that is located in Imishli. It currently very important and interesting project in the framework of CEN funded by World Bank and coordinated through ACDRTRC. The project aims at organizing the cross visits of the communities located in 6 southern districts of the country: Imishli, Saatli, Sabirabad, Beylagan, Bilasuvar and Fizuli.

Yesterday (24 January 2005) was the first day of the project and the mentioned community representatives, municipality and government representatives, media, ACDRTRC Field Monitor attended the intro-informative session held in Imishli. The live discussion was held where the various progressive ideas and recommendations were voiced. After the session the participants visited the sewing workshop established by Beshmertebe community that is involved in the income generating acitivities. The participants will get interested more closely with the activity of the community during two days after which they will visit to Saatli. The schedule and program has been prepared and all activity are held according to that. The project will last 18 days and be implemented in the territories of above-mentioned 6 districts.

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