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 Report - November-December 1997 Issue 14 (IFRC)

 Report date: 30.11.1997

November-December 1997 Issue 14

The seven so-called Southern Camps, situated close to the Azerbaijani and Iranian border, were established in April 1993 after large population movements from the occupied territories south of Nagorno-Karabakh. They are currently home to approx. 34’000 internally displaced people and are under the management of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Supplementary food for youngest camps’ children

The International Federation’s health promoters were very busy in the month of November distributing supplementary food rations to needy children living in the Southern Camps. The supplementary feeding programme was started by the Federation after systematic screening of 0-5 year old children showed that approximately 30% of children in that age group are undernourished. Subsequently, some 400 children from the Southern Camps were identified for the 3 month long supplementary feeding programme.

In order to improve the children’s health status it was decided to start the distribution of a special, protein rich and nutritional pre-mix containing oat meal, dried milk, sugar and vegetable oil which had been designed by the Federation’s Medical Department. Presently, the above mentioned items are distributed on a weekly basis, except for the sugar and oil which are distributed each month. It should be noted that all commodities were purchased locally. "We have to thoroughly explain to the mothers how to mix ingredients correctly and, more importantly, not to reduce the daily food intake for the children while feeding them on the pre-mix" says Mrs. Irada Shirinova, a senior nurse in C7 camp, while giving food commodities to Mrs. Rafiga Jafarova for her 2 year-old daughter Saida. "Another task for us to do is to make sure that mothers give the supplementary food only to the child or children under the programme. This is monitored through weekly screening of children to see whether they are recuperating or not."

Meanwhile, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies started implementation of the first stage of polio vaccination in the Southern Camps, following a special request from the Republican Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Azerbaijan. Covering all children ranging from 0 to 4 years old the vaccination was underway from 3 to 7 November. The second stage of immunisation will take place in December.

First aid training for IDPs

12 volunteers attended First Aid courses organised by the International Federation in November. The courses, which are conducted at the C6 learning centre in Bilasuvar district, are designed to provide the basic knowledge on measures which should be undertaken in case of an accident. "At the end of the training a few best students will be selected to become instructors. They, in turn, will train other people," says the International Federation’s Medical Co-ordinator, Dr. Uma Kandalayeva. The courses are led by the Azeri Red Crescent First Aid Co-ordinator, Dr. Tahir Gadjiyev.

And briefly…

Two new delegates have joined the Federation Sub-Delegation in Sabirabad recently. First to arrive was Scott Simmons, who will be in charge of the Agriculture Programme for the coming months. Scott is Australian, but seconded to this mission by the British Red Cross. Maryanne Leblanc from the American Red Cross assumed responsibilities of the Water and Sanitation Programme for the Southern Camps in November. The SC Update wishes them every success in their work in Azerbaijan.


For more information please contact the Azerbaijan Delegation of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Tel: 92 57 92 or 92 67 69


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