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 Report - IRD - Information Bulletin (IRD)

 Report date: 31.12.1999

IRD-Azerbaijan wishes you Happy 2000 Year! We wish you peace, happiness and good health!

News of IRD

  • In November 1999 IRD together with the Republican Family Planning Center hold Training courses on the topic "Inflammatory diseases of the organs of small pelvis of the women, pharmogenetics of the medicines during the treatment of these diseases" for the more than 140 doctors of the target area.
  • IRD distributed clothes and blankets to the IDPs and refugees in cooperation with the International Islamic Relief Organization, Red Crescent.
  • In December 1999 the presentation of IRD-Azerbaijan program took place in the State Department in Washington
  • IRD distributed two computers to Abbas Saat Hospital in Ganja.
Sphere of activity of IRD.

IRD (International Relief and Development) (USA), is one of the international humanitarian organizations, working in Azerbaijan the main aim of which is the providing of medical help to the population of Azerbaijan. The Head quarter of IRD situated in Washington (US).

IRD project in Azerbaijan is funded by the State Department of USA and is one of the Developing Projects for the 1999 -2000. IRD has a highly qualified professional staff.

During the existing period of the representation of IRD in Azerbaijan a big number of contracts on the distribution of medicines and medical equipment were implemented with the several hospitals of Ganja city and Ter-Ter, Khanlar, Kelbedjer, Naftalan and Goranboy districts.

After the first delivery the constant monitoring is held in the each hospital in order to control the right use of medicines in qualitative and quantitative rates. With this aim all the departments of the hospitals are given journals for the registration of used medicines.

The training lessons on the rational methods of treatment of common diseases in these regions are given for the doctors of the hospitals mentioned above.

IRD/Azerbaijan closely cooperate with many humanitarian organizations as Save the Children (USA), MSF-B (Belgium), International Islamic Relief Organization (Saudi Arabia), Ichthus (England), National Society of Red Crescent, Azerbaijan Women's Center of development, Republican Family Planning Center, Jewish Women Group in Baku.

Our representatives hold the site briefing on prescription, use and dosage of distributed medicines. In the case of difficulties on this question please contact to the office in Ganja on the phone number: 9-12-10.

Dear Doctors!

Please fill in the addresses of the ill people in the medical documents in details


Captopril is a specific competitive inhibitor of angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE), the enzyme responsible for the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II.
Prescription: Captopril is effective alone and in combination with other antihypertensive agents, especially thiazide-type diuretics. The blood pressure lowering effects of Captopril and thizydes are approximately additive.
Contraindication: Sensibility to Capoten
Dosage and the way of use:
Adults during the hypertension should take from 25 mg to 150 mg per day or several dosages during the hard form of hypertension (about 450 mg per day)


Cimetidin competitively inhibits the action of histamine H2 receptors of the parietal cells and thus is histamine H2 receptor antagonist.
Prescription: Ulcer illness of the stomach and of the duodenum in the phase of exacerbation.and for the prophylaxis of this disease.
Reflux-ezofagit which is not cured by other medicines.
The forms of production


The common mistakes during IRD medicines prescription
The prescription of two or more antibiotics in the same prescription
The prescription of antibiotics during diarrhea (tetracyclyn, chloraphinicol) and ignoring of oral salt solutions, i.e. ORS. Exaggerative prescription of injections, ignoring of tablets forms of medicines.
Distributed medicines.
Names Form Dosage Exp. date
1 Varfarin tablets 5 mg 11/00
2 Tetracycline capsule 250 mg 03/01
3 Dextrose solution 09% 03/04
4 Cimetidin tablets 200 mg 03/02
5 tetracycline cream 1% 01/02
6 Loperamid tablets 2 mg 10/03
7 Salbutamol tablets 4 mg 10/01
8 Co-trimoxazole suspension 240 mg 02/02
9 Lidokain bottle 50 ml 11/02
10 Ibuprofen tablets 400 mg 02/04
11 Eritromycyn tablets 250 mg 03/02
12 Doxacycline tablets 100 mg 04/02
13 Amoksicyllin capsule 250 mg 03/02
14 Metronidazol tablets 250 mg 0/01
15 Kaptopril tablets 25 mg 05/01
16 Galotan bottle 250 mg 03/05
17 Aspirin tablets 325 mg 04/01
18 Mebendazole tablets 500 mg 04/02
19 Folic acid tablets 5 mg 02/01
20 Gentamycyn amp. 80 mg/ml 01/02
21 Ferrum sulfat tablets 200 mg 10/01
22 Benzil-benzoat bottle 25% 01/02
23 Antihemorroid cream 30 gr 03/02
24 Betametazon cream 01% 04/02
25 Clotrimazole cream 1% 04/02
26 Nistatin cream 100IU/G 01/02
27 Indometacyn tablets 25 mg 05/02
28 Zinc oxid cream 10% 03/04
29 Miconazole cream 2% 03/02
30 Chloramfenicol eye cream 1% 01/02
31 Adrenalin amp 1 mg 04/01
32 Atropin amp 1mg/ml 11/01
33 Furosemide tablets 40 mg 08/01
34 Prednisolon tablets 5 mg 03/02
35 Propranalol tablets 40 mg 09/00
36 Multivitamins tablets 1 2/01
37 Niphedephin capsule 10 mg 05/04
38 Amitriptilyn tablets 25 mg 09/01
39 Methyldope tablets 250 mg 11/03
40 Panukuronium bromid amp. 2 ml 04/01
41 Digoksyn tablets 0,25 mg 11/01
To the attention:

The IRD warehouse has the following medical supplies:

  • Tables for the hardly ill persons
  • Invalid carriages
  • Spikes
  • Attachment for the ill people which has troubles of support system
  • Syringe 5 ml; 20 ml; 60 ml

Extension pipes

IRD is planning to start the computer courses for the doctors from March 2000

Dear readers

If you would have any questions or suggestions or you would like to get more detailed information please contact with us on the following address
Baku city Sh. Badalbeyli 96 str, apartment 27.
Tel./ fax 93-24-71
E-mail ird.@ usngo.baku.Az
Ganja city, Shahriyar street 47
Tel/Fax 9-12-10
E-mail ird @

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