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 Report - Activity Report (CYL)

 Report date: 31.07.2001

Traning-seminar for teachers in GanjaAugust 17-19, 2001 our organization together with organization "Nur" Civic Education Center (Baku) and Open Society Institute (Baku) have lead a training - seminar: " Democratic formation at school " for the teachers of high schools, 25 teachers from different schools of Ganja participated in which one. At this seminar of the teacher were trained to new on-line methods of teaching at school, and also they have received new knowledge in the field of democracy at schools. Training-seminars named "Methodology for Democracy Education in Schools"

As a result of these seminars at schools of the teacher will spend the lessons on new on-line methods. And also these lessons will have democratic directivity.

This project was sponsored by Open Society Institute - Assistons Foundation.

Traning-seminar for momen in GazakhAugust 28-29, 2001 we have lead a training – seminar "Women Leadership" In Gazakh among the women. At a seminar there were following themes:

  • You are public activist. Which problems is an important for you?
  • The main principles of Democracy
  • You are public activist. How can you solve the problems of your community?
  • The purpose of public activities.
  • Volunteers
  • Main principles of planning.
  • Course of Democratic Leadership;
  • Relation of Leaders and members;
  • Quality of Leaders and members;
  • Organizing of Team Work;
  • Volunteers;
  • Planning;

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