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 Report - Activity Report (CYL)

 Report date: 31.12.2001

There is the importance of youth in creating civil society. It is just time for creating Civil Education Recourse Center in paying more attention education & improvement of young. Considering these in January 2002 the Association of Young Leaders of Azerbaijan has created Civil Education Resource Center with the support of Democratic Commissions Small Grants program of the US Embassy in Azerbaijan.

Mission of the Center is

  • To create Civil Society for improving the education of young, whose importance contains the creating of Azerbaijan as a democratic country, their teachers & NGOs
  • To prepare teachers in growing up the young that being ready to live in Democratic Society & Market Economy.
  • To provide Human Rights with necessary skills in the field of civil society.


  • To conduct training-seminars on foundation principals of Democracy with interactive ways among the groups which consisting of teachers.
  • To conduct seminars for leaders of NGOs.
  • Improving the knowledge of young on human rights.
  • To organize Computer & English courses for young & improve library of the Center.

We have announced to gather participants for taking part in the seminars, courses & for choosing 2 Computer & English teachers in the Educational Centers, in the office of International funds & organizations which are situated in Ganja region.

After these there was implemented tests among the participants for distributing them in-groups according to their level of knowledge.

Center organizes training-seminars on the following themes.

For young & representatives of NGOs:

  • Course of Democratic Leadership (the seminar will be conduct within 3 days)
  • Foundation principals of Democracy
  • Social activity
  • The Third Sector in Democratic Society
  • Ability of being Leader
  • Volunteering
  • Planning
  • Our Proposal Idea
  • How to write proposal
  • How to find fund

This program has comprised by national Endowment for Democracy, which is situated in Warsaw. The Association of Young Leaders of Azerbaijan has its own trainers. They are able to use this program, because they are also trainers of that fund.

Active participants of these seminars are invited for taking part in the seminar on Human Rights. This seminar will be conduct within 4 days:

  • What does it mean Human Rights?
  • Children Rights
  • Women Rights
  • Human Rights & Election
  • Economy, Social & Cultural Rights
  • The Classification methods of Human Rights & Objects
  • Universal declaration of Human Rights
  • Rights of Military Servers
  • Human Rights and Media means
  • Applying and documents
  • Europe mechanism for conservation Human Rights
  • Human Rights from the defensive history.

For teachers on Methodology of Education of Democracy at school:

  • Perception ways
  • Creating atmosphere which help study
  • Organizing ways of works at school
  • Preparing of works in groups
  • Discussion of methods of work in groups
  • Introducing and discussion of lessons which prepared by participants
  • Organizing ways of work in class. CompetitionIndividual Cooperation
  • Preparing of lessons in groups
  • Written debates
  • Decision trees
  • Pricing discussion
  • Pricing of seminars

The participants are able to participate in the Computer & English courses, which have organized by the Center free of charge.

At the end of this activity with the help of the Center will be established new NGOs & initiative groups. The young will spend their leisure well & will be gained valuable study. Population of Ganja will be informed foundation principals of NGO, civic community & will take an active part in creating civic community. Teachers will be gained the new methods of Education.

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