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 Report - Activity Report (Oxfam)

 Report date: 31.07.1997

1. NGO Support programme.

1.1 Women in Prison - This project, up to the end of August has been operational for 4 months. The conditions of the women in the prison have improved tremendously as a result of this initiative. It has become well known that Oxfam is supporting this initiative and other agencies want to visit and assist the women also. These include UNHCR, the Russian, Georgian and Ukrainian Ambassadors and the International Womens Club of Baku. The club has presented to the prison a large TV, sports clothes and equipment. Given this interest in the womens well being and rights the prison authorities have responded by having dormitories repaired and decorated, workshops increased allowing the women to be productive and the opportunity to earn some money which they can utilise during their sentence or on their release.

Visits to the prison by WRDA are now allowed without complications. Due to the fact that a number of prisoners have been released or transferred due to the efforts of the WRDA, the women now trust them and are more than willing to come forward for assistance and advice. Even the prison warders and staff are asking for information about AIDS and STDs.

1.2 Bakery project - The repair of the premises is now complete. Another entrance has been installed for access for disabled people plus a toilet. The oven has been purchased and it is hoped that the first production of bread will take place in early October. 7 staff have been recruited. 7, 6 of whom are disabled and 3 are women.

Future initiatives.

An advertisement was placed in the local press to encourage additional proposals especially from the regions. The closing date is the 19th September 1997.

Grants will be approved next month for a Disabled Womens Group and an Advice and Information Service for disabled people as well as the general public in the catchment area.

2. Disability Awareness programme.

2.1 TV programmes - The second film is now being produced and covers the issue of Access. The first film took a long time to get approval to be televised but it will now be shown on national television early evening on the 30th September.

2.2 Radio - To date 4 radio have been produced and broadcasted. There has been a good response from disabled people and groups from different parts of the country. Programme staff will visit these areas and discuss disability issues with them with a view to supporting initiatives.

2.3 Posters - Meetings have been held with production teams for the production of the selected poster. This is yet to be finalised.

2.4 Newsletter - Oxfam in Azerbaijan continues to contribute articles to the Regional News letter which is circulated throughout the Caucasus.

3. OXFAM UK&I Christmas Appeal - Each year Oxfam has an appeal in the United Kingdom in order to raise funds for its humanitarian an development wok throughout the world. This year Azerbaijan was chosen as the focus of the appeal. A reporter and photographer visited the country and spent most of their time visiting IDP settlements and talking to IDPs.

4. BARDA Programme Activity Report

4.1. UNHCR Project


This month the 980m scheme at Khan Torpaq prefabricated camp was completed. While there was an existing water supply there, the quality was not suitable for drinking and the 300 families in the camp were walking over 1km to the water source. The work done so far this year is as follows:

    PLACE                       PIPE (M)        BENEFICIARIES
    Kalantarli RI houses         100                           670
    Chullu                              130                           185
    Lak Forest                       680                           610
    Barda Internat                  120                           400
    Garadagli                          630                           350 (+150 local)
    Pitomnik Oxfam Houses    170                           380
    Khan Torpaq                    980                           900
    TOTAL                       2,810                       3,495

1.2.1 Latrines.
The project includes the construction of 800 VIP latrines. The following has been completed so far this year.
  N. Barda S. Barda Tartar Total
TOTAL 134 165 296 595
1.2.2 Bath houses.
This month the 6 place bath house at the OXFAM limestone houses settlement in Evoghlu was completed. The following has now been completed this year.

    Team              Place                               Cubicles
    Barda North     Zumerhach Pioneer Camp       6
                           Zumerhach RI Houses             6
    Barda South     Barda Internat                         6
                           Lak Forest                               6
    Tartar              Pitomnik OXFAM Houses        6
                           Evoghlu OXFAM Houses         6
1.2.3 Washing Places.
This month a washing place was built and connected to the artesian well at Evoghlu. The following have been completed so far this year:
    Team                Place                          Washing Places
    Barda North       Barda School No 2                2
                             Technical School                    2
                             Zumerhach Pioneer Camp      4
                             Zumerhach - other places       3
                             Ambar                                   2
    Tartar               Evoghlu OXFAM Houses        1
1.2.4 Rubbish collection points.
This month rubbish collection places were built at Tartar Technical School, Kindergarten no 4, Pitomnik OXFAM houses and Bagimsarov Hospital. These places consisted of pits covered in concrete slabs with a lid and were thus more expensive than the standard rubbish bins. So far this year the following has been completed:
    Team                 Place                             Rubbish Points
    Barda North       Barda School No 2                     3
                             Zumerhach Pioneer Camp           4
    Barda South       Barda Internat                            3
                             Railway Wagons                         4
    Tartar                Technical School                         1
                             Kindergarten No 4                      1
                             Pitomnik Oxfam Houses              1
                             Bagimsarov Hospital                   1
1.2.5 Pest Vector Control.
The objective of this work is to assist with the control of rats, flies and mosquitoes at 20 selected settlements. After an initial survey to determine which places were in most need it was found that many of the worst settlements had problems with all three types of pest. Sets consisting of mosquito netting(4m), a fly swat and a rat trap were distributed to the following places this month:
District Settlement No Of Sets
BARDA NORTH Guzanli Cattle Farm 43
  Nazirli 22
  Hasangaya 34
  Giyasen Co-operative 13
  Jafa Jabbarly 16
  Imomglu Baily 12
  Mirza Alibaily 8
BARDA SOUTH Mirzakhanli 13
  32 lar Cattle Farm 30
  32 lar Poultry Farm 3
TARTAR Garagoynlu Cattle Farm 24
  Ismael Baily Cattle Farm 6
  Aksypara Cattle Farm 9
  Aksypara Poultry Farm 26
  Boursunlu Cattle Farm 3
  Tazikent 23

1.3.1 Small Repairs to Individual Shelters.
The project includes provision to make small repairs to 300 individual family shelters. The beneficiaries have now been identified, many from small settlements identified during the DFID distribution. Procurement of materials has begun for the small repair programme. The following has been obtained so far:

    Item                             No of Houses          Comments
    Wood (Rafters)                      300
    Wood (Purlins)                       100                  200 to come from RI/UNHCR
    Doors and Window Frames     150                  Order for further 100 suspended
    Glass                                     300
    Roof Sheets                             40
Now that winter is approaching the number of people coming to the Barda office with requests for assistance with roofing materials is increasing. Details of these people are being collected and they will be assessed for the distribution of the remaining UNHCR plastic sheets held in stock.

1.3.2 School Room Repairs
The proposed revision to the budget made in August removed this activity from the programme.

1.3.2 Electrification Of Houses
There is a target of electrification for 200 limestone houses built by UNHCR in 1995. Work on this activity has been completed with 190 houses being given internal electrification. Of the others, some were found to have done a good job themselves and the others were incomplete. A separate report is being prepared for UNHCR on these houses. The August revision proposed an increase in this budget to cover the costs of 2.6km of high voltage power line and 2 transformers to bring power to the settlements at Evoghlu.


1.4.1 Childrens Circles
The objective was to organise childrens circles in 40 places and supply them with equipment and materials.
The football competition that has been described previously was ongoing throughout the month. This is building up towards a final competition between the best teams from each district.
Childrens circles in selected community centres were visited by the UNHCR consultants from Geneva looking into needs and children and adolescents.
Barda South Community/Health Worker met childrens groups in Shirvanle, Barda Railway Wagons, Lakh Forest and Kalantarle to reinforce the diarrhoea lessons held last month.

1.4.2 Sanitary Towel Packs
The first batch of material has been bought and cut into 11,900 pieces in the warehouse. Of these, the first 4,320 pieces will be distributed in September for a trial production test in Barda North area only. The criteria for participation in the production is access to a sewing machine with zigzager. Women will be paid 100-200 manats per towel to do the sewing.

1.4.3 Washing Kits.
The objective of this activity is to procure sets of washing equipment for distribution to 1,000 families. The equipment has all now been procured. Staff were instructed to assess beneficiary settlements as to the need for washing sets as they carried out the DFID distribution this month. The first criteria was inaccessibility or distance from water source.

1.4.4 Community Shelters
This budget is to cover the building of 3 community centres and 97 smaller shelters over communal gathering places such as tap stands and baking places. The large centres have all been completed in previous months and are at:
Guzanli Cattle Farm, Lak Forest and Pitomnik Oxfam Houses
Of the smaller sun/rain shelters no further work has been done this month. 80 have been built so far this year in the following places:
TOTAL 28 27 28 83
1.4.5 Community Groups
There has been no meeting organised this month as one of the Community Workers was in America and the others were surveying for washing equipment distributions in their respective districts. Also the cotton harvest season has started and the women in the communities are occupied with this work. A great number of women take part in this activity for financial reasons. The following groups are now being funded by UNHCR:

    Place                      Womens Group      Childrens       Mens
    Arija School                          2                          2                   1
    Guzanli Cattle Farm               2                          2                   1
    Guzanli School                       2                          2                   1
    Barda Railway Wagons         4                           5
    Shirvanli School                     3                           5
    Lakh Forest                          3                           5                   1
    Khan Torpaq 1                      3                           7                  1
    Khan Torpaq 2                      2                           8                  1

1.5.1 Grants.
The objective was to give 300 grants of $50 to assist agricultural activities. As has been discussed before the majority of applicants for this assistance requested either chickens or seeds. At the time it was not the right season for seeds and chickens was the most suitable activity. It is now too late in the year for chickens as they cease to lay in the winter. It is coming round to the planting season again and in the August revision it was requested that these grants, and the business grants, be combined and made into 500 grants of $40 to be used for potato or other vegetable seeds.

1.5.2 Fruit trees.
In the August revision we have proposed that this activity be deleted as it has not yet started.


1.6.1 Small Business Grants
As mentioned above, these have been converted to crop production grants in the August revision.

1.6.2 Hire Purchase of Equipment
There have been 5 hire purchase loans made to people to set up the latrine kit making workshop. There will be no more as we have removed the remainder of this budget line in the August revision.

1.6.3 Apprenticeship Training
This has been removed from the budget in the August revision due to the lack of UNHCR finance to start anything new.


2.1 General Description Of Progress Of Operation

2.1.1 Fruit Trees
The preliminary list of fruit tree beneficiaries have already been collected in places where there is suitable soil and sufficient water for them to grow. Each family will receive a selection of 5 different saplings to plant . The distribution will include Sheki and Guzanli ECHO camps as well as other settlements. Salinity problems in Goranboy, Yevlakh and Mingechevir camps means that trees would probably not grow. A training timetable and distribution timetable for this project has already been drafted.
Three competitive quotations have been received for the provision of seedlings and discussions held with the nurseries concerned to ensure that they are able to meet our requirements. A contract has been drawn up and is ready to be signed. The prices that have been quoted by a nursery in Tartar (Ilkhan Admirov) are lower than was expected when the budget was made and more trees could be bought for the same money. The proposal specified 3,000 trees but we will be writing to ECHO to request that we be allowed to extend this to 4,500 trees.

2.1.2 Disabled Equipment

Visits have been held to identify disabled members of communities where we work. A list has been drawn up showing the needs for various types of equipment. Procurement will take place locally and some items may be made by a local carpenter. The following figures may change when new beneficiaries are identified.
Item Barda South Barda North Tartar Total
Crutches 2     2
Disabled Toilet  5 2 2 9
Sticks 2 3   5
Carts (with wheels)     4 4
Wheelchair 3 3 2 8
2.1.3 Water Schemes (Small Settlements)
This month a contract has been signed and work has been started on the construction of a 1,300 water pipeline to connect an existing artesian well to a tap stand at Aridja school. This school houses 41 IDP families and is being rehabilitated under the ECHO programme.

2.1.4 Latrines
No kits were assembled this month but the following have been done so far under this project:

2.1.5 Washing Places
The following work has been carried out this month:

    Location                        No. of Places      Comments
    Mingechevir ECHO Camp         6                Completed but rejected due to poor quality
    Goranboy ECHO Camp            11               Contract signed - work started
2.1.6 Rubbish Collection Points
The IDPs will be responsible for arranging the collection of the rubbish from these places. The following work has been carried out this month:
    Location                       No Of Places       Comments
    Mingechevir ECHO Camp        7                 Completed but rejected due to poor quality
    Yevlakh ECHO Camp             13                 Completed but rejected due to poor quality
The final payment has been withheld from the contractor pending a better finishing off of the concrete base slab and better painting of the metal bins.

2.1.7 Shelter Repairs
The engineers in Barda North, Barda South and Tartar teams have been working on surveying, cost estimates and locating contractors to carry out this work. This month work has been done in the following places:

    Location                   No of Families        Comments
    Arija School                          41                  Contract signed, work started
    Garagoynlu School                30                   Contract signed, work started
2.1.8 School Room Repairs
This month the Lachin School in Garadagli Village, Barda North was identified. It comprises 10 classrooms and everything is now prepared for the final discussions with contractors before letting the contract.

2.1.9 Community Centres
This month the following work has been carried out:

    Location                      No. of Centres        Comments
    Mingechevir ECHO Camp          1                  Completed but rejected for finishing touches
    Goranboy ECHO Camp              2                  Contract signed and work commenced
    Arija School                               1                  Contract prepared
    Sheki ECHO Camp                    2                  Contract prepared
    Yevlakh ECHO Camp                2                  Contract prepared
    Mingechevir                               1                  Contract prepared
2.1.10 Community Group Materials
An order was placed to a local carpenter to make basic furniture such as blackboards, shelves, stools and benches for the ECHO community centres. The following centres are now being funded by ECHO.
    Place                     Womens group  Childrens  Mens  Disabled   Dance
    Mamirli                               4                     4                                            1
    Kucharli Rail Wagons          4                     3
    Evoghlu Houses                   2                     3               1
    Ismael Baily                        3                     3
    Kindergarten No 4               2                     2
    Technical School 96             2                     3                                            1
    Pitomnik Houses                  2                     2
    Bagimsarov Hospital            2                     4                                            1
    Guzanli ECHO 1                  2                     3
    Guzanli ECHO 2                  1                     1
    Guzanli ECHO 3                  1                     1
    Goranboy ECHO 1               4                     4
    Goranboy ECHO 2               4                     4
    Yevlakh ECHO 1                 1                     2               1             1            1
    Yevlakh ECHO 2                 1                     2
    Mingechevir ECHO 1           1                     2               1             1            1
    Mingechevir ECHO 2           1                     2
    Sheki ECHO 1                     1                     2               1             1            1
    Sheki ECHO 1                     1                     2

2.2.1 Expatriate Staff
The expatriate Team Leder for the Barda programme was on leave for 3 weeks between late July and early August. The Community Co-ordinator was covering his position in his absence. A new Team Leader (Programme Manager) has been selected and will take over the running of the Barda programme in September.

2.2.2 Procurement and Warehousing
The main item that is procured by OXFAM rather than provided on site by the contractors is latrine kits. By the end of August we had procured 300 of which 147 had been sent out to construct on site. The remainder are being stored in the OXFAM warehouse pending a decision on what roofing material should be used.

2.2.3 Distribution
Preparations have been undertaken for two distributions:
Fruit tree beneficiaries have been identified in places where soil and water conditions are suitable.
There is a lot of pressure being applied by both Executive Committee and residents in the Barda ex-Turkish Red Crescent camp to distribute plastic sheets. This has been delayed while approval of the budget is sought from Brussels and more rain has been causing a lot of problems in the camp. A supplier of the plastic sheet has been identified through competitive quotes and he will be able to obtain the sheets from Dubai once the go ahead is given. Lists and distribution forms have been prepared and it will be carried out by a large number of staff in one day as soon as possible.

2.2.4 Data Collection
A community survey was carried out to determine the occupancy rates in the ECHO camps. The following was found:

    Camp       Rooms   Families   People    Comments
    Sheki            400          302         1,206       Some occupy full houses, some shepherds
    Mingechevir  88            88            406
    Yevlakh       400          395         1,884        5 empty rooms
    Goranboy     414          379         1,634       35 empty rooms (families shepherds)
    Guzanli        634           441         2,006       66 empty houses, some occupy full houses
During the visit it was evident that there was a very strong community spirit in the camps with the possible exception of Mingechevir. This was shown by different groups involved in the planning, implementation and involvement in work for the common good of fellow residents in the camp. These visits were also partly to assess the conditions of potential beneficiaries for the DFID relief items that are to be distributed next month.

Problems Encountered
The people in Yevlakh ECHO camp have expressed a strong desire to move their shelters to part of the 200 ha of fertile agricultural land that they have been given 12km away. The current settlement is on very poor quality land where nothing will grow. It made sense that they find out about this before work was done in the existing location. The ECHO money could then have been used to establish infrastructure in the new place. They have approached the Executive Committee locally and the authorities in Baku but they have not received permission to move.
One outstanding issue of concern is the lack of co-operation from the Aghdam Executive Committee in the matter of the community centres in Guzanli camp. We have held several discussions with them but as yet have made no progress with this vital first step towards carrying out sustainable engineering activities in the camp.


Womens and childrens groups have been started up in all the ECHO camps following the model that has been developed by OXFAM for health education and community involvement. In the interests of involving men more, especially in activities such as the maintenance of engineering works we have now started mens groups in Yevlakh, Mingechevir and Sheki camps. Other new groups are being formed for the disabled and to teach traditional dance.

4.3 DFID (ODA) Project

A great deal of time was spent this month identifying settlements for the DFID distribution. Families in remote locations such as roadside camps either singly or in clusters of a few families were given priority. Distributions to such families included the following:
- Knitted clothing: each household received one mens and one womens vest.
- Socks: one adult pair
- Galoshes: one adult pair
- Children shoes: for boys and girls in classes 1-4 or who were born between 1986-19991 (6-11 years)
- Floor rugs: for those in shelters with concrete flooring
- Bed Linen sets: for vulnerable families with disabled children, large size or single head

The following items had been distributed up until 8th September:
District   Palas  Bed Linen  Socks  Galoshes Vests Shoes
               Women   Men    Boy    Girl 
Relief International 358              
MSF(B) 600              
MSF(H) 2              
UNHCR 12              
UNICEF   150            
Caspian Project   100            
Mingechevir/Sheki   117 291 325 261 240 90 72
Barda North   72 162 162 149 123 29 36
Barda South   364 377 377 340 328 159 167
Tartar   282 161 161 208 316 214 153
Gakh Region 50 196 226 226 225 210 180 166
T O T A L 1022 1281 1217 1251 1183 1217 672 594
4.4 OXFAM (NOVIB) Income Generation Project

4.1. Saving And Borrowing Survey
This month the main activity has been a study into existing methods of saving and borrowing in Barda. To start with a random sampling system was set up in order to choose the villages and houses from which data would be collected.
Interviews were held with candidates to select 40 assistants to carry out the survey. These surveyors were then trained by going through the questionnaire in detail to explain the questions. The aims of doing the study and the importance of having accurate information were explained. Surveyors were divided up into groups for the field work. The best group were appointed as auditors to check the questionnaires returned by others. The survey was completed to the planned schedule and the data has been passed to a computer consultant the information gathered for processing.

4.2 Study Tour
On 24th August the Income Generation Co-ordinator went to India and Pakistan for a study tour of a variety of credit and savings projects.

5. Other Activities

5.1 Disability
The community workers continued their visits with families with disabled children.
Discussions were held with the OXFAM Regional Disability Adviser and Project Officer from Baku regarding the recruitment of staff to initiate research work to locate disabled groups in the programme area.
Wheelchairs have been supplied by the State Committee for Refugees and IDPs have been distributed to the following places:

    Tazikent Cattle Farm                1
    Goranboy ECHO Camp            1
    Technical School 105                5
Report compiled by, Gladys Agar, Martin Ager and Luz-Vindez Mangham.

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