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 Report - Activity Report (Oxfam)

 Report date: 31.08.1997

1. NGO work.

1.1 Disabled people NGOs.

Disability Awareness Programme.

After long term efforts and negotiations with the local TV, the first film "It is us" was televised on 30 of September. The "star" of the programme was a very attractive young woman in a wheel chair. The public reaction was very positive, immediately after the programme finished the phones began to ring. These calls are being monitored. The most frequent response was from mothers wanting their sons to meet with the "star" with a view to a "serious" relationship.

The second film devoted to the accesses for the disabled people has been completed.

Radio programme on "Public attitude to the disabled people" was broadcasted on 19th of September. Some responses from the regions and Baku were received. We plan to go forward on that and have a meetings with some of them.

We have met with the four journalists from the main local newspapers and explained to them the psychology of the programme and the number of issues we would like to discuss with the public. Hopefully some articles on those issues will be published in October.

We have met with a designer to produce a poster using a draft of winner of the poster competition. Unfortunately we are unhappy with his work. Now we are looking for another designer.

The third edition of the Regional Disability newsletter has been produced in Russian and English. Some materials on Disability and news from the disabled people NGOs from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia were published there.

Bakery project is on going. "Galaba" is finishing the construction and repair work. Because of some unexpected work, purchase and installation of the high voltage cable (due to the theft of the existing cable) and arrangement of the second entrance, the opening of the "Bakery" is postponed till middle of October.

Information centre for the disabled people - Oxfam approved this project submitted by Disabled people association "Design" The project is devoted to the creation of the information advising center for disabled people and their families from Yasamal district of Baku, where the information Center will be set up (potential beneficiaries are 7,000 people). Advice and information will also be available to members of the general public who want to use the service.

By the end of the project "Design" are going to publish their findings and send them to the government structures and ministries to raise awareness of the probllems facing the general population and disabed people inparticular. 4 people (3 disabled) will be employed in this project.

Disabled Women Group (DWG) - This project is devoted to the promotion of the work of the initiative DWG to further develop it into a Coordination Center of a Disabled Women Organisations. Beneficiaries of the project are Azeri disabled women who are isolated from the mainstream of life. DWG consists from 10 people working in 3 subgroups: psychological, information/advising and employment).

1.2 Women’s NGOs.

Rights of Women in Prison - Women Rights Defense Association (WRDA)

Two Televisons with the video players were presented to the prison by the International Women’s Club. It will give an opportunity to WRDA to run an educational programme as a part of psycho-social rehabilitation. The Ambassadors of Georgia and Ukraine met with the women in prison and delivered lectures on their rights as a citizens of these countries. Women asked them to facilitate their transferring to the homeland for sentence.

The number of prisoners has increased from 240 to 271 in September. 5 cases were prepared for the re-appealing by the project’s lawyer. The sentence has been changed for 5 women. All of them were released on parole

Two young girls under 18 years were released with the help of WRDA. The planned following work with them includes some education and psycho-social rehabilitation.

WRDA is now considering producing a monthly newspaper for the women in prison and looking for a opportunities for other skills training for prisoners.

1.3 Other NGO’s.

Oxfam announced a Small Grants Application Programme in the local press. The deadline for the project submissions was 19th of September. 44 projects from the 34 NGOs were received. There were devoted to different issues: Research - 10 projects, Advocacy - 9, Training- 16, Income generation-8. Out of these 15 were selected for further approval by a panel of 3 to be held on the 3rd-4th of October. It is hoped that we can support initiatives from the egions as opposed to the capital Baku.

2. Barda Programme Activities



No sector activities were carried out in September. The work done so far this year is as follows:

    Kalantarli RI houses 100 670
    Chullu 130 185
    Lak Forest 680 610
    Barda Internat 120 400
    Garadagli 630 350 (+150 local people)
    Pitomnik Oxfam Houses 170 380
    Khan Torpaq 980 900
    TOTAL 2,810 3,495


    1.2.1 Latrines.

    The project includes the construction of 800 ventilated improved pit latrines. The 90 toilet kits that should have been made in August were completed during September.

    The following have been done so far this year.

    OLD TOTAL 134 165 296 595
    This Month 0 0 0 0
    TOTAL 134 165 296 595

    1.2.2 Bath houses.

    No further work was done this month, the following has now been completed this year.

      TEAM         PLACE                                        CUBICLES
      Barda           North Zumerhach Pioneer Camp             6
                          Zumerhach RI Houses                             6
      Barda           South Barda Internat                               6
                          Lak Forest                                              6
      Tartar          Pitomnik OXFAM Houses                       6
                         Evoghlu OXFAM Houses                        6

     1.2.3 Washing Places.

    The following have been completed so far this year:

      TEAM         PLACE                                   WASH PLACES
      Barda           North Barda School No 2                      2
                          Technical School                                    2
                          Zumerhach Pioneer Camp                      4
                          Zumerhach - other places                       3
                          Ambar                                                   2
      Tartar           Evoghlu OXFAM Houses                      1

    1.2.4 Rubbish collection points.

    So far this year the following has been completed:

      TEAM         PLACE                                RUBBISH POINTS
      Barda           North Barda School No 2                     3
                          Zumerhach Pioneer Camp                     4
      Barda           South Barda Internat                             3
                          Railway Wagons                                   4
      Tartar          Technical School                                    1
                         Kindergarten No 4                                 1
                         Pitomnik Oxfam Houses                         1
                         Bagimsarov Hospital                              1

    1.2.5 Pest Vector Control.

    The objective of this work is to assist with the control of rats, flies and mosquitoes at 20 selected settlements. An initial survey showed that many of the worst settlements had problems with all three types of pest. No further work was done this month. Sets consisting of mosquito netting(4m), a fly swat and a rat trap have previously been distributed to 285 families in 16 settlements.


    1.3.1 Small Repairs to Individual Shelters.

    The project includes provision to make small repairs to 300 individual family shelters. The beneficiaries have been identified. The following has been obtained so far (note that this has been slightly revised since last month’s report):

      ITEM                                                NO OF HOUSES          COMMENT
      Rafters (0.05x0.1 - 0.265m3 /house)                 248                      52 to be procured
      Purlins 0.05x0.05 - 0.14m3/house)                    184                      116 to come from RI/UNHCR
      Doors and Window Frames                               150
      Glass                                                                 300
      Roof Sheets                                                       40

    Now that winter is approaching the number of people coming to the Barda office with requests for assistance with roofing materials is increasing. These houses are being assessed on an individual basis for the distribution of the remaining UNHCR plastic sheets held in stock. This month the following sheets were distributed:

      Barda Railway Wagon                1
      Garadamichi Village                    1
      Barda Bus Station                       2
      Tazakend Village                        5

    1.3.2 Electrification Of Houses

    There is a target of electrification for 200 limestone houses built by UNHCR in 1995. Work on this activity has been completed with 190 houses being given internal electrification. The August revision proposed an increase in this budget to cover the costs of 2.6km of high voltage power line and 2 transformers to bring power to the settlements at Evoghlu.


    1.4.1 Children’s Circles

    The objective was to organise children’s circles in 40 places and supply them with equipment and materials.

    The football and draughts competitions that have been described previously were going on throughout the month. These were building up towards final competitions between the best teams from each district.

    1.4.2 Sanitary Towel Packs

    The objective of this activity was to make 20,000 sanitary towel packs for distribution to IDP women. The first batch of material has been bought and cut into 11,900 pieces in the warehouse. Of these, the first 4,320 pieces were distributed in September for production of sanitary towels. The criteria for participation in the production is access to a sewing machine with zigzager. Forty women were given 108 pieces each and will be paid 100 manats per towel to do the sewing.

    1.4.3 Washing Kits.

    The objective of this activity is to procure sets of washing equipment for distribution to 1,000 families. The equipment has all now been procured. Staff were completed the beneficiary lists as they carried out the DFID distribution this month.

    1.4.4 Community Shelters

    This budget is to cover the building of 3 community centres and 97 smaller shelters over communal gathering places such as tap stands and baking places. The large centres have all been completed in previous months and are at:

    Guzanli Cattle Farm, Lak Forest and Pitomnik Oxfam Houses

    Of the smaller sun/rain shelters no further work has been done this month. 83 have been built so far this year in the following places:

    OLD TOTAL 28 27 28 83
    THIS MONTH 0 0 0 0
    TOTAL 28 27 28 83

    1.4.5 Community Groups

    This month there were several meetings arranged between IDP community workers in different districts to share experiences and discuss common problems. New IDP community workers were appointed at Hassangaya Farm and Bakhram farm. One of the OXFAM Community Workers continued her training in America on leadership skills. The following groups are now being funded by UNHCR (others, funded by UNHCR at the start of the year have now been transferred to the ECHO project.

      PLACE                      WOMEN’S         CHILDREN’S            MEN’S
      Arija School                        2                             2                             1
      Guzanli Cattle Farm             2                             2                             1
      Guzanli School                     2                             2                             1
      Bakhram Farm                    1                             1                              1
      Hassangaya Farm        New group
      Barda Railway Wagons       4                             5
      Shirvanli School                  3                              5
      Lakh Forest                        3                              5                             1
      Khan Torpaq 1                   3                              7                             1
      Khan Torpaq 2                   2                              8                             1


    1.5.1 Grants.

    The objective was to give 300 grants of $50 to assist agricultural activities. In the August revision it was requested that these grants, and the business grants, be combined and made into 500 grants of $40 to be used for potato or other vegetable seeds.

    Agriculture staff have gone through all the small grant application forms again looking for realistic proposals for vegetable growing. These people have been assessed for vulnerability

    1.5.2 Flower seeds

    Some of the remaining stock of flower seeds from the UNHCR vegetable seed distribution earlier in the year are being distributed alongside an ECHO fruit tree distribution in the ECHO camps.


    1.6.1 Hire Purchase of Equipment

    This part of the programme is to provide loans of up to $300 to 50 people to use in their businesses. The 5 hire purchase loans made to people to set up the latrine kit making workshop have now been repaid in full with 5% interest per month.



    2.1.1 Fruit Trees

    The list of fruit tree beneficiaries has been made in places where there is suitable soil and sufficient water for them to grow. Each family will receive a selection of 5 different saplings to plant . The distribution will include Sheki and Guzanli ECHO camps as well as other settlements. Training and distribution timetables have been drafted and an instruction leaflet produced on the growing of the trees.

    Contracts have been signed for 4,500 rather than 3,000 trees as prices have been found that are lower than was expected when the budget was made. ECHO have agreed to this change in the proposal.

    2.1.2 Sheets/Woven Floor Rugs/Knitted Clothing

    Groups have been organised for the local production of jumpers. Each group contains 15 women and there are 3 groups in Yevlakh camp and 1 in Sheki. The women in Mingechevir were not so interested in doing this work as other employment opportunities exist in Mingechevir town so a second group will be formed in Sheki.

    2.1.3 Disabled Equipment

    Lists have been drawn up showing the needs for various types of equipment. Procurement will take place locally and some items may be made by a local carpenter. The following figures may change when new beneficiaries are identified.

    ITEM Barda South Barda North Tartar TOTAL
    Crutches 2     2
    Disabled Toilet  5 2 2 9
    Sticks 2 3   5
    Carts(with wheels)     4 4
    Wheelchair 3 3 2 8

    2.1.4 Water Schemes (Small Settlements)

    This work was intended to cover the construction of 15 water supply schemes to small settlements. This month work has been completed on the 1,300m water pipeline to connect an artesian well to a new tap stand at Aridja school. This school houses 41 IDP families. Some preliminary investigations were carried out into a possible scheme at Shirvanli School.

    2.1.5 Latrines

    The contract for the manufacture of latrine kits continues with 150 being made in September. The latrine kits are being stored in the OXFAM warehouse while awaiting use in the field. No kits were assembled this month but the following have been done so far under this project:

    OLD TOTAL 61 65 21 147
    THIS MONTH 0 0 0 0
    TOTAL 61 65 21 147

    2.1.6 Washing Places

    This part of the project is to build 80 washing places. In many cases these will be improvements to existing tap stands to give a place to fill containers and a raised place where washing can be done in a bowl. This month work continued on the 11 washing places at Goranboy ECHO camp and a contract was signed and work started on a further 17 in Sheki ECHO camp.

      LOCATION                      NO OF PLACES      COMMENTS
      Mingechevir ECHO Camp                6                    Completed but rejected due to poor quality
      Goranboy ECHO Camp                  11                   Work continues
      Sheki ECHO Camp                         17                   Contract signed - work started

    2.1.7 Rubbish Collection Points

    This part of the project is to build 50 rubbish collection points. The IDPs will be responsible for arranging the collection of the rubbish from these places. This month a contract was signed and work started on building 10 rubbish places in Sheki ECHO camp. The following work has been carried out so far this year:

      LOCATION                    NO OF PLACES      COMMENTS
      Mingechevir ECHO Camp             7                     Completed but rejected due to poor quality
      Yevlakh ECHO Camp                 13                     Completed but rejected due to poor quality
      Sheki ECHO Camp                     10                     Contract signed, work started

    The final payment has been withheld from the contractor in Mingechevir and Yevlakh pending a better finishing off of the concrete base slab and better painting of the metal bins.

    2.1.8 Shelter Repairs

    The project is to carry out rehabilitation work for shelters housing 500 IDP families. This is being carried out in public buildings where a large number of people are still housed in inadequate conditions. This month the work was completed at Arija School and nearly completed at Garagoynlu School. While safe electrical circuits have been installed in Arija School, people have all reconnected a second phase of electricity to give them greater current when the voltage is low. The contract papers were prepared for the repairs to the cotton factory building in Barda. As with many of the buildings that most need assistance, this is an un-finished building. While a lot of money can be spent to make it safe and more comfortable for the residents, it will still look like an un-finished building. The following work has been done so far this year:

      LOCATION                 NO OF FAMILIES      COMMENTS
      Arija School                                 41                     Work completed
      Garagoynlu School                       30                     Work almost completed
      Barda Cotton Factory Building     58                      Contract documents prepared

    2.1.9 School Room Repairs

    This work is to carry out basic repairs to 55 school rooms. These are often schools in exile which are using very inadequate classes in which to teach. This month a contract was signed and work was completed to divide the Lachin School in Garadagli Village into 10 classrooms, fit ceilings and repair the roof.

    2.1.10 Sun/Rain Shelters

    Contracts have been signed and work has begun to build shelters over the washing places in the following camps:

      CAMP          SHELTERS
      Goranboy              13
      Yevlakh                 2
      Mingechevir           8
      Sheki                    19

    2.1.11 Community Centres

    The objective of this section is to build 15 centres for women’s or other community groups to meet in. This month work on the 2 centres at Goranboy ECHO camp and the one at Arija school was completed. The contracts were let for 2 centres in Sheki, 2 in Yevlakh and a second one in Mingechevir ECHO Camps. The following work has been carried out so far this year:

      LOCATION                   NO OF CENTRES       COMMENTS
      Mingechevir ECHO Camp             1                       Completed but rejected for finishing touches
      Goranboy ECHO Camp                 2                       Work completed
      Arija School                                   1                       Work completed
      Sheki ECHO Camp                        2                       Contract let
      Yevlakh ECHO Camp                    2                       Contract let
      Mingechevir                                    1                       Contract let

    2.1.12 Children’s Groups’ Materials

    Football and draughts competitions were going on throughout the month. These were building up towards final competitions between the best teams from each district.

    2.1.13 Community Groups’ Materials

    Discussions were held in all centres about the problems faced by the communities and how they could be overcome.

    The centre leader has been replaced in Mingechevir as the woman originally selected had not proved to be very successful.

    An order was placed to a local carpenter to make tables for the ECHO community centres. The following groups are now being funded by ECHO.

      PLACE                  WOMEN    CHILDREN    MEN     DISABLED    DANCE
      Mamirli                         4                       4                                                        1
      Kucharli Rail Wagons    4                       3
      Evoghlu Houses             2                      3                1
      Ismael Baily                  3                       3
      Kindergarten No 4         2                       2
      Technical School 96       2                       3                                                        1
      Pitomnik Houses            2                       2
      Bagimsarov Hospital      2                       4                                                        1
      Guzanli ECHO 1            2                      3
      Guzanli ECHO 2            1                      1
      Guzanli ECHO 3            1                      1
      Goranboy ECHO 1         4                     4
      Goranboy ECHO 2         4                     4
      Yevlakh ECHO 1           1                     2                 1                   1                  1
      Yevlakh ECHO 2           1                     2
      Mingechevir ECHO 1     1                     2                 1                   1                  1
      Mingechevir ECHO 2     1                     2
      Sheki ECHO 1               1                     2                 1                   1                   1
      Sheki ECHO 1               1                     2


    2.2.1 Expatriate Staff

    The new expatriate Team Leader for the Barda programme, Kishor Sharma, arrived in early September and, following a period of induction, has taken up his duties. The old team leader is staying on until December to concentrate on the Engineering work. The Community Co-ordinator left for maternity leave in mid September but a programme of work has been prepared for all project staff during her absence.

    2.2.2 Procurement and Warehousing

    The main item that is procured by OXFAM rather than provided on site by the contractors is latrine kits. By the end of September we had procured 450 of which the final 150 were still being collected from the manufacturers. Those that have not been sent to site are being stored in the OXFAM warehouse. Quotations have been sought for roofing material for these toilets.

    2.2.3 Distribution

    The 900 pieces of plastic sheeting for the ex-Turkish Red Crescent camp have been procured from Dubai and delivered to the Barda warehouse. They were distributed to the Barda ex-Turkish Red Crescent camp in an operation lasting 2 days. A donation of 296 plastic sheets had been received from ICRC in advance of the agreement from ECHO. These were distributed to Brigades 1-9. The ECHO sheets were distributed to the 723 families in Brigades 10-27. A further 80 ECHO sheets were distributed to families in inadequate shelters adjacent to the camp and the following places:

      Kindergarten          6 sheets           Kalbajar School        6 sheets
      Medical Point         3 sheets           Lachin School           3 Sheets
      Agdham School    13 sheets

    The remaining 97 ECHO plastic sheets are in the warehouse and will be distributed to people in need of them who apply to the office.


    2.3.1 Co-ordination

    There is generally good co-ordination between OXFAM and the Executive Committees and other NGOs working in the project area. Government departments are willing to give their approval for projects that are suggested provided it involves them in no financial outlay.

    2.3.2 Problems Encountered

    There continues to be no co-operation from the Aghdam Executive Committee in the matter of the community centres in Guzanli camp.


    Women’s and children’s groups have been started up in all the ECHO camps following the model that has been developed by OXFAM for health education and community involvement. In the interests of involving men more, especially in activities such as the maintenance of engineering works we have now started men’s groups in Yevlakh, Mingechevir and Sheki camps. Other new groups are being formed for the disabled and to teach traditional dance.


    Approval has been received from Brussels for the amendment to the budget to cover expenses incurred or needs identified that arose out of the storms and flooding in July. Work has been completed on the following:

    Digging drainage ditches in Yevlakh Echo Camp
    Pumping out pit latrines
    Water tank in Goranboy ECHO Camp
    Plastic sheeting in Barda ex-Turkish Red Crescent Camp
    Roof repairs to Bagimsarov Hospital

    A contract has been signed and work has been started on flood diversion dikes in Goranboy and Yevlakh ECHO Camps.
    This month the bulk of the items produced and procured were distributed to the following places:

    YEVLAKH Women Jumper Men Jumper Boy Shoes Girl Shoes Bed Linen Socks Galosh
    Arabic camp 1 - - 240 240 - - -
    Arabic Camp 3 - - 201 169 - - -
    Tutunzavod - 12 5 5 18 - -
    Cotton Factory Subsid 1 5 9 16 - -
    Asmar Tasarufat - 2 1 - 2 - -
    Kovar Milk Factory - - 4 6 22 - -
    Kubra Baza - - 1 5 10 - -
    Samadabad - - 12 6 40 - -
    Autobaza Farm - - 3 3 5 - -
    Sarov’s Farm - - 1 1 6 - -
    Gulustan Farm - - 2 - 3 - -
    Malbinasi Workshop - - 13 7 23 - -
    GoyanbinasiCattle Fm - - 6 3 12 - -
    Garamammadli Animal Husbandry - - 3 2 8 - -
    Malbinasi Su Hovzasi - - 1 - 2 - -
    Garamammadli Hosp - - 4 1 7 - -
    Malbinasi Hosp - - 20 23 17 - -
    Yevlakh Lespid 2 - - 15 8 - - -
    Kovar School - - 36 38 - - -
    Salahli School - - 4 7 24 - -
    BARDA SOUTH Women Jumper Men Jumper Boy Shoes Girl Shoes Bed Linen Socks Galosh
    Hassangaya Farm - - 10 11 13 - -
    Lambaran 22 22 5 1 9 25 25
    Agdham Horse Breed 41 38 7 4 12 43 43
    Garadinnag Boyahmadli Farm 30 25 9 12 30 30 30
    Alpout Farm 3 7 11 5 13 - 12
    Garadamichi Farm - - 28 37 70 - 40
    Garatapa Gilishli farm - - 29 20 66 - -
    Goyishli Kindergarten - - 1 1 1 - 1
    TARTAR Women Jumper Men Jumper Boy Shoes Girl Shoes Bed Linen Socks Galosh
    Garaghaji Farm 13 16 4 4 7 18 18
    Borsunlu Farm 4 3 3 4 4 6 6
    Shahriyar 191 55 130 96 200 - -
    - - 25 21 61 - -
    Evoghlu Houses and Kindergarten - - 23 12 60 - -
    Aksipara Farm - - 10 12 34 - -
    AGDHAM Women Jumper Men Jumper Boy Shoes Girl Shoes Bed Linen Socks Galosh
    Guzanli Farm - - 29 19 47 - -
    ECHO CAMPS Women Jumper Men Jumper Boy Shoes Girl Shoes Bed Linen Socks Galosh
    Yevlakh - 14 12 13 11 34 34
    Sheki 93 73 23 17 35 94 94
    TOTAL 397 268 936 822 888 250 303

    The total distributed previously was as follows:



    Women Jumper

    Men Jumper

    Boy Shoes

    Girl Shoes

    Bed Linen













    4.1 STUDY TOUR

    There were problems with flights so the study tour by the Income Generation Co-ordinator was extended until 14th September and included Pakistan in addition to India. The visit looked at income generation activities, especially savings and credit programmes. They studied group lending procedures, how they started, what problems they had encountered and how they had solved them. A separate report has been prepared on this visit.


    Work continued on the analysis of the survey that was carried out last month into existing methods of saving and borrowing in Barda. It has shown that there is a great demand for credit for consumption such as medical expenses as well as for income generation loans. There is no existing financing system to meet these needs for the poorer members of society.

    Remaining stock from the 1996 ECHO grant were distributed alongside the DFID items. It consisted of old production of children’s skirts, children’s trousers and socks. The following items were distributed:

    Arabic camp 1 240 240 -
    Arabic Camp 3 169 201 -
    Tutunzavod 7 8 -
    Cotton Factory Subsid 9 14
    Asmar Tasarufat 1 2 -
    Kovar Milk Factory 15 9 10
    Kubra Baza 7 2 9
    Samadabad 16 13 19
    Autobaza Farm 11 7 -
    Sarov’s Farm 2 2 4
    Gulustan Farm 1 2 -
    Malbinasi Workshop 11 15 -
    GoyanbinasiCattle Fm 5 9 -
    Garamammadli Animal Husbandry 2 5 -
    Malbinasi Su Hovzasi 1 1 -
    Garamammadli Hosp 1 5 -
    Malbinasi Hosp 25 21 -
    Yevlakh Lespid 2 11 22 -
    Kovar School 51 47 -
    Salahli School 8 10 -
    Hassangaya Farm 10 11 -
    Lambaran 8 10 -
    Agdham Horse Breeding 7 11 -
    GaradirnagBoyahmadli Fm 19 21 -
    Alpout Farm 11 12 -
    Garadamirchi Goyishli Fm 70 49 -
    Garatapa Gilishli Farm 37 39 -
    Goyishli Kindergarten 2 2 -
    Garaghaji Farm 6 5 -
    Borsunlu Farm 4 4 -
    Shahriyar 96 130 -
    33 34 -
    Evoghlu Houses and Kindergarten 28 36 -
    Aksipara Farm 15 16 -
    Guzanli Farm 33 39 -
    Yevlakh 20 24 -
    Sheki 37 61 -
    TOTAL 1029 1134 56

      Report prepared by Shovcat Alizade, Martin Ager and Gladys Agar.


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