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 Report - Activity Report (Oxfam)

 Report date: 30.09.1997

1 NGO work.
Disability programme

Disability Awareness Programme.

1. 01 10 97 We have created the initial group of journalists in order to highlight or advocate the problems on disability issues. There were representatives from the Azadlig, Zerkalo, Resonance, Hurriyat, 525, Space-TV, Meridian, and Azerbaijan State Radio.
2. The new TV crew for the making films on DAP was recruited. We discussed the scenario of the third film devoted to "Education and Employment of Disabled people".
The second film on DAP has been produced and televised on the 13th October at 17.40
3. The Fourth radio programme on "Disabled Women" has been produced and it will be broadcasted in the beginning of November.
4. On the 30th of October an article on Education of disabled People was published in the local newspaper "Resonans".
Two meetings with the Caroline Kennedy (Leonard Cheshire Department) and Richard Shortledge (AED) were held to define the ways of cooperation in the Disability programme.
17 pair of crutches provided by UMCOR has been distributed to the IDPs, living in IDP camps and settlement.
"Bakery" project is on going. "Galaba" is finishing the construction and repair work. Bread baking business has started. It is expected that the bakery will work at its full capacity by the end of November.
"Information centre for the disabled people" - At the moment the reconstruction and refurbishment work of the premises has started.
Disabled Women Group (DWG) - Training on the social model of disability for the members was held. The links with the disabled Women from the Shamkir district was established. The work of the psychological, information and employment subgroups is on going.
Women's NGOs.
"Rights of Women in Prison"- Women Rights Defense Association (WRDA) -
The meeting with the participation of the women-prisoners, prison authorities and WRDA representatives was held to discuss the International standards of the work in the prisons. The representative of the Ministry of Justice Colonel M.Humbatov shared his experience from the CIS workshop on the Unification of the Code, the reforms in the prison system for the CIS countries.

Other NGO's.
Projects under consideration by OXFAM for funding:
"Legal Advice Centre" - Independent Scientific Legal Centre
"Single mothers" - Centre for the Strategic Research
"Training on Rights and Laws for the IDP women " - WRDA
"Consulting Centre on further development of the private sector and farming"- VATAN
Prepared by Shovcat Ali-zade, Programme Officer.



No sector activities were carried out in September. The work done so far this year is as follows:

  • PLACE                        PIPE (M)        BENEFICIARIES
    Kalantarli RI houses          100                           670
    Chullu                               130                           185
    Lak Forest                        680                           610
    Barda Internat                  120                            400
    Garadagli                          630                           350 (+150 local people)
    Pitomnik Oxfam Houses    170                           380
    Khan Torpaq                     980                           900
    TOTAL                         2,810                        3,495

1.2.1 Latrines.
No toilets were built this month. The following have been done so far this year:  

OLD TOTAL 134 165 296 595
THIS MONTH 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 134 165 296 595

1.2.2 Bath houses.
The project includes the construction of 40 shower places in communal bath houses. No further work was done this month, the following has now been completed this year.

  • TEAM          PLACE                          CUBICLES
    Barda North   Zumerhach Pioneer Camp         6
                         Zumerhach RI Houses               6
    Barda South   Barda Internat                          6
                         Lak Forest                                6
    Tartar            Pitomnik OXFAM Houses         6
                         Evoghlu OXFAM Houses          6
    TOTAL                                                       36

1.2.3 Washing Places.
No further work was done this month due to the financial situation. The following have been completed so far this year:

  • TEAM          PLACE                      WASH PLACES
    Barda North   Barda School No 2                   2
                         Technical School                       2
                         Zumerhach Pioneer Camp         4
                         Zumerhach - other places          3
                         Ambar                                      2
    Tartar            Evoghlu OXFAM Houses          1
    TOTAL                                                       14

1.2.4 Rubbish collection points.
No further work has been done this month. So far this year the following has been completed:

  • TEAM           PLACE                RUBBISH POINTS
    Barda North    Barda School No 2                3
                          Zumerhach Pioneer Camp      4
    Barda South    Barda Internat                       3
                          Railway Wagons                    4
    Tartar             Technical School                    1
                          Kindergarten No 4                  1
                          Pitomnik Oxfam Houses         1
                          Bagimsarov Hospital               1
    TOTAL                                                     18

1.2.5 Pest Vector Control.
No work has been done this month. Sets consisting of mosquito netting(4m), a fly swat and a rat trap have previously been distributed to 285 families in 16 settlements.

1.3.1 Small Repairs to Individual Shelters.
The project includes provision to make small repairs to 300 individual family shelters. The beneficiaries have been identified. Procurement of materials has begun for the small repair programme. The following has already been completed this year where urgent individual cases came to our attention:  

Previous Months Barda 

This Month Tartar Evoghlu 2 2
Barda South


TOTAL     7 7

People frequently come to the Barda office with requests for urgent assistance with roofing materials. These houses are assessed on an individual basis for the distribution of UNHCR plastic sheets held in stock. This month the following sheets were distributed:

  • Barda South - Garadamichi            1
    Barda South - other families           7
    Barda South Community centres    4
    Barda North - family                     1
    Arija Community Centre                1
    TOTAL                                      14

1.3.2 Electrification Of Houses
A 2.6km run of high voltage power line and 2 transformers were installed to bring power to the settlements at Evoghlu.

1.4.1 Children’s Circles
The objective was to organise children’s circles and supply them with equipment and materials. UNHCR is currently funding 10 such centres.
The football and draughts competitions continued this month, building up towards final competitions between the best teams from each district.
Plastic sheets were distributed to community centres as described above to put on the floor and make a play area. Other items distributed included tables, benches, shelves and blackboards. An exchange visit was organised between staff working in different areas in order to share ideas.

1.4.2 Sanitary Towel Packs
The objective of this activity was to make 20,000 sanitary towel packs for distribution to IDP women. The first batch of material has been bought and cut into 11,999 pieces in the warehouse. Of these, the first 4,320 pieces were collected and the 40 women who sewed them were paid 100 manats per piece.

1.4.3 Washing Kits.
The objective of this activity is to procure sets of washing equipment for distribution to 1,000 families. The sets consisted of the following items: washing bowl, bucket, toilet jug, laundry soap, toilet soap, 2 packs of detergent and a bailer
They were distributed to the following places this month: 

J. Farm, Giyas co-operative, Mirzalibayli  48
Ayrija Roadside, Bahrain’s Farm 70
Nazirli Farm, Karkhana 37
Hasangaya Farm, Hajalli 100
Hasangaya Area, Moskva Farm 55
Garadamichi Cattle Farm 79
Garadamichi Village 1
Gayishli Farm 21
32 lar Farm 44
Jumalar Farm, Naves School 22
Mirzakhanli Farm School, kindergarten 42
Boyahmadli Farm 8
Garatapa Farm 43
Alpout Farm 16
PMK 101 22
Garagoynlu Farm 19
Seydimli 50
Seydimli Limestone Houses
Husanly 59
Tazakand 36
Tazakand Cattle farm  13
Nar Baghy 16
Mamirly Farm 12
RI Limestone Houses 24
Evoghlu Farm 23 
Evoghlu Kindergarten 11 
Evoghlu Roadside 2
Evoghlu Poultry Farm 5
Ismael Baily Farm 4
Samadabad 33
Sarov Farm 4
Cotton factory 15
Tobbacco Plant 13
Co-operative Asmar 2
Kovar 23
Fertilizer Store 11
Autobaza 5
Techsnab 22
Salahly 25
Lesbit 15 
Garaoghlan 9
Malbinasy Farm 11
Malbinasy 62 
Su hovzasy 3
Ashaghy Garkhun 15
Girmizi Octyabr 17 
Naves 8
Road Cons Office no 16
Guzanli Farm 38
TOTAL 1227

1.4.4 Community Shelters
This budget is to build 3 community centres and 97 smaller shelters over communal gathering places such as tap stands and baking places. The large centres have all been completed in previous months at; Guzanli Cattle Farm, Lak Forest and Pitomnik Oxfam Houses. Of the smaller sun/rain shelters no further work has been done this month. 83 have been built so far this year in the following places: 

OLD TOTAL 28 27 28 83
THIS MONTH 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 28 27 28 83

1.4.5 Community Groups
The following groups are now being funded by UNHCR:

  • PLACE                  WOMEN    CHILDREN         MEN
    Arija School                   2                     2                       1
    Guzanli Cattle Farm        2                     2                       1
    Guzanli School                2                     2                       1
    Bakhram Farm               1                     1                       1
    Hassangaya Farm           1                     1                       1
    Barda Railway Wagons   4                    5
    Shirvanli School               3                    5
    Lakh Forest                    3                    5                        1
    Khan Torpaq 1                3                    7                        1
    Khan Torpaq 2                2                    8                        1

Training courses were carried out for group leaders on the subjects of mine awareness and flu. Posters and leaflets produced by ICRC on mine awareness were distributed to the groups.

Hire/Purchase of Equipment
The 5 hire purchase loans made to set up the latrine kit making workshop have now been repaid in full with 5% interest per month.


1.1 Fruit Trees
The list of fruit tree beneficiaries has been made in places where there is suitable soil and sufficient water for them to grow. Each family will receive a selection of 5 different saplings to plant.
This month work was carried out on the training of beneficiaries. This consisted of discussions in community centres on method of planting and care for the trees. Such training were held in Guzanli and Goranboy ECHO camps and the condition of the saplings in the nursery was checked. An unexpectedly warm autumn delayed the planting of the trees but they are now likely to be distributed in early November.

1.2 Production and Distribution of Sheets, Woven Floor Rugs and Knitted Clothing.
The local production of jumpers has begun this month. Each of the producers listed below has been issued with 2kg of wool to make 2 jumpers.

  • PLACE                            PRODUCERS
    Shatirli                                          9
    Yeni Dashkand                            10
    Imamglubayli                                11
    Zumurkhach                                 12
    Technical School                          20
    Guzanli ECHO A                         20
    Guzanli ECHO B                          20
    Guzanli School                              12
    Garadagli                                     20
    Baku Street                                  13
    Railway Wagons                          20
    Kalantarli RI Settlement                20
    Shirvanli School                            21
    Khan Torpaq                                30
    Poor Local Families                      15
    Yevlakh ECHO 1                         13
    Yevlakh ECHO 2                         13
    Yevlakh ECHO 3                         15
    Sheki ECHO                                17
    TOTAL                                     311

1.3 Equipment for Disabled
Some lists have been prepared but no further progress was made this month.

1.4 Water Schemes (ECHO CAMP)
A contract has been prepared and was signed at the end of the month for a 234m pipe to bring a cold water supply to the bathhouse in Mingechevir camp from an adjacent pipeline. At present the bathhouse only has a hot water feed from the power station which can be too hot to use.

1.5 Water Schemes (Small Settlements)
This month a contract has been signed and work has started on a 430m pipe to take water from an artesian well to 37 families living in mud and reed huts in Hassangaya cattle farm. So far this year the following water schemes have been completed:

  • PLACE                           PIPE (M)         FAMILIES           STATUS
    Arija School                        1,300                      41                   Completed
    Hassangaya Cattle Farm       430                       37                   In progress
    TOTAL                            1,730                      78

1.6 Latrines
The contract for the manufacture of latrine kits continues with 150 being made in October. This month 167 latrine kits were assembled in Goranboy ECHO camp and 135 in Sheki ECHO Camp. The following have been done so far under this project:  

OLD TOTAL 61 66 21 0 148
THIS MONTH 0 0 0 302 302
TOTAL 61 66 21 302 450

1.7 ECHO Bath house Improvements
Work has started on the preparation of plans for bathhouse improvements in the ECHO camps. What is emerging is that in some cases it may be more cost effective to build new smaller bathhouses than to try and renovate and heat the existing structures.
In Sheki there is little more than the shell of a building with broken internal pipes, there is no water tank or boiler. Comparative costing show that a smaller bathhouse would be cheaper. At the same time the Executive Committee have shown an interest in using the old building as a kindergarten.
In Yevlakh the same is true, it would be cheaper to build a new one than to renovate the old. Also, the existing bathhouse is in a position where the wastewater will not drain away. It would be preferable to build a new bathhouse adjacent to a canal.
In Mingechevir a cold water feed is being built in advance of the internal repairs. The existing hot water from the power station is too hot to use.

1.8 Washing Places
This month work continued on the washing places at Goranboy ECHO camp. One extra place was added to the contract to make 12. The water pressure in this camp is low and so outlets have been fitted at a lower level temporarily. When the water system is repaired and the pressure is higher, these taps will be connected properly. In Sheki ECHO camp, work continued on 17 washing places. At Mingechevir, one washing place which had been damaged by a resident who objected to it’s location, was rebuilt slightly further from his house. The following work has been carried out this year:

  • LOCATION                   NO OF PLACES        COMMENTS
    Mingechevir ECHO Camp             6                      Completed but rejected due to poor quality
    Goranboy ECHO Camp               12                      Work continues
    Sheki ECHO Camp                     17                      Work continues
    TOTAL                                      35

1.9 Rubbish Collection Points
This part of the project is to build 50 rubbish collection points. The IDPs will be responsible for arranging the collection of the rubbish from these places. This month the work was completed on the 10 rubbish places in Sheki ECHO camp. The rubbish places at Mingechevir and Yevlakh were completed with better cement plastering on the bases and re-painting of the bins. The following work has been carried out so far this year:

  • LOCATION                 NO OF PLACES           COMMENTS
    Mingechevir ECHO Camp          7                          Completed
    Yevlakh ECHO Camp               13                         Completed
    Sheki ECHO Camp                   10                         Completed
    TOTAL                                    30

1.10 Shelter Repairs
The project is to carry out rehabilitation work for shelters housing 500 IDP families. This month the work was completed at Garagoynlu School. The contracts were signed and repairs started to the cotton factory building and the boarding school (Internat) in Barda. Surveys have been carried out and plans made for repairs to the building in the yard of the internat (28 families), half built building in Barda (18 families), Soylan School (21 families) and Barda Technicum (101 families). The following work has been done so far this year:

  • LOCATION                NO OF FAMILIES       COMMENTS
    Arija School                                41                      Work completed
    Garagoynlu School                      30                       Work completed
    Barda Cotton Factory Building    58                       Contract signed, work started
    Barda Internat                            53                       Contract signed, work started
    TOTAL                                    182

1.11 School Room Repairs
This work is to carry out basic repairs to 55 school rooms. These are often schools in exile which are using inadequate classes in which to teach. This month contracts have been signed to install partitions and electrical wiring in pre-fabricated school rooms in Goranboy ECHO camp (6), Yevlakh ECHO (9), Sheki ECHO (3). The work at Goranboy was completed. The following work had already been completed in previous months:

  • PLACE SCHOOL                        ROOMS
    Lachin School, Garadagli Village           10

1.12 Sun/Rain Shelters
The work on the first contract in ECHO camp was extended to 14 shelters. These have been completed and 12 of them are for washing places and 2 for community centres. Work continues on the contract for 29 sun shelters in Yevlakh, Mingechevir and Sheki.

  • CAMP        SHELTERS         COMMENTS
    Contract 1
    Goranboy            14                  Finished, 12 for washing places, 2 for community centre
    Contract 2                                Work Continues
    Yevlakh               2
    Mingechevir         8
    Sheki                  19
    Contract 3                                Signed and work started
    Yevlakh             80
    Mingechevir         4
    Sheki                   7
    Contract 4                                Not yet signed
    Goranboy           50
    TOTAL           184

1.13 Community Centres
This month work on 2 centres in Sheki, 2 in Yevlakh and the second one in Mingechevir ECHO Camps was completed. The following work has been carried out so far this year:

  • LOCATION                   NO OF CENTRES    COMMENTS
    Mingechevir ECHO Camp               1                   Completed
    Goranboy ECHO Camp                   2                   Completed
    Arija School                                    1                    Completed
    Sheki ECHO Camp                         2                    Completed
    Yevlakh ECHO Camp                     2                    Completed
    Mingechevir                                    1                    Completed
    TOTAL                                          9

1.14 Children’s Groups’ Materials
The football and draughts competitions were going on throughout the month, building up towards final competitions between the best teams from each district. Goal posts were provided at Sheki and Yevlakh camps. Sports shoes, shirts and trousers have been purchased to give as prizes to children in the winning teams.

1.15 Community Groups’ Materials
Education sessions were held in all centres about issues of flu which is a seasonal health concern and mine awareness, including posters and leaflets provided by ICRC. Discussions were held on issues relevant to the successful implementation of engineering work such as the de-sludging of toilets and the maintenance of shelters. Tables and other materials such as tablecloths, rugs and shelves were distributed to the new centres. The following centres and group activities are now being funded by ECHO.

  • PLACE                WOMEN   CHILDREN     MEN     DISABLED    DANCE
    Mamirli                          4                  4                                                          1
    Kucharli Rail Wagons     4                  3
    Evoghlu Houses             2                  3                   1
    Ismael Baily                   3                  3
    Kindergarten No 4         2                   2
    Technical School 96       2                   3                                                         1
    Pitomnik Houses            2                   2
    Bagimsarov Hospital       2                  4                                                         1
    Guzanli ECHO 1            2                  3
    Guzanli ECHO 2             1                 1
    Guzanli ECHO 3             1                 1
    Goranboy ECHO 1         4                  4
    Goranboy ECHO 2         4                  4
    Yevlakh ECHO 1           1                  2                   1                   1                 1
    Yevlakh ECHO 2           1                  2
    Mingechevir ECHO 1     1                  2                   1                   1                 1
    Mingechevir ECHO 2     1                  2
    Sheki ECHO 1               1                  2                   1                    1                 1
    Sheki ECHO 1               1                  2

2.1.16 Flood Amendment
Work is continuing on the work relating to damage from the storms and flood in July. This month work was completed on the digging of diversion dikes and trenches to protect Goranboy and Yevlakh ECHO camps from future floods. The dike in Goranboy had to be extended to 600m from the proposed 400m to take account of other houses that had been built adjacent to the camp. A further 56 plastic sheets were distributed to families living in inadequate shelters adjacent to the Barda ex Turkish Red Crescent Camp.
Work has been completed on the following:

  • Digging drainage ditches in Yevlakh Echo Camp
    Pumping out pit latrines
    Water tank in Goranboy ECHO Camp
    Plastic sheeting in Barda ex-Turkish Red Crescent Camp
    Roof repairs to Bagimsarov Hospital
    Drainage dikes in Goranboy and Yevlakh

2.1 Distribution
A distribution was carried out of 56 pieces of the remaining plastic sheeting to houses adjacent to the ex-Turkish Red Crescent camp. The remaining plastic sheets will be distributed to people in need of them who apply to the office in special need. Training is being carried out in preparation for the fruit tree distribution which will be carried out next month.

2.2.1 Co-ordination
There is generally good co-ordination between OXFAM and the Executive Committees and other NGOs working in the project area. Government departments are willing to give their approval for projects that are suggested provided it involves them in no financial outlay.

2.2.2 Problems Encountered
There continues to be no co-operation from the Aghdam Executive Committee in the matter of the community centres in Guzanli Camp.

The second revision to the budget for supporting the people of Yevlakh ECHO camp with the agricultural inputs to 75ha of land is currently being processed in Brussels. An agreement has been drawn up and signed with the various government departments and people involved in the scheme.

This month the remaining items produced were distributed to the following places: 

BARDA Boy Shoes Girl Shoes Bed Linen Galosh
Hassangaya 23 8 50 16
Azizbayov Farm/Road 22 27 50  
Garaghajy and Husanly Kindergarten 33 32 65  
Ashagi Gazkhun School 7 5 12  
Ashagi Gazkhun Farm  4 9 15  
Mingechevir ECHO   26    
Sheki ECHO   64    
TOTAL 89 171 192 16


A general staff meeting was held to discuss on what type of programme is suitable to implement in this region. After the discussion it has been decided to establish a saving and credit programme. A further discussion was held to decide the need of field staff to support this programme. A decision was made to recruit two community based income generation assistants. The post has been advertised and a number of applications are collected.


Remaining stock from the 1996 ECHO grant was distributed alongside the DFID items. It consisted of old production of children’s skirts, children’s trousers and socks. The following items were distributed:  

Hassangaya 8 23  
Azizbayov Fm and Road 33   33
Garaghajy & Husanly KGs 66 49 79
Ashagi Gazkhun School 7 7  
Ashagi Gazkhun Farm 13 6  
TOTAL 127 85 112

Two representatives of this British NGO visited this month. Claire returned for a second time and distributed some post cards made from children’s pictures. Martin came and visited a number of settlements and in some places distributed one-use cameras for children to take photos of their life. These photos will be used in an exhibition of photos of children affected by war. He distributed some art materials and equipment to children and refugee schools.

A donation of crutches was received from UMCOR. These were distributed to disabled people in the district.

Luz had a baby girl in England and will be returning to Azerbaijan in early November. Few changes had been made on the responsibilities of programme supporting staff to provide effective support to the programme.
Prepared by: Kishor Nath Sharma and all Barda Oxfam team members

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