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 Report - Activity Report (Oxfam)

 Report date: 30.11.1997

1. NGO work.

1.1 Disability

Disability Awareness Programme.

Main materials for the 4th film, "Rights of Disabled People" were prepared. TV crew plans to finish it by the middle of January.

The 5th radio programme was broadcasted on the 02.12.97 by the 1st state channel at 21.30. and repeated on 03.12.97 by "Araz" channel at 18.15. The programme was devoted to the ‘European Day of Disabled People’.

The 6th radio programme, which was broadcasted on 16.12.97 at 21.30 and, as usual, repeated the next day at 18.10, was devoted to the "Family problems of Disabled People" Duration of this programme was 40 minutes, and, it is worth to mention, that the journalist, who prepared the programme, refused to receive the honorarium for it, considering that as her contribution to disability awareness issue.

A group of journalists highlighting the disability issue in mass media submitted 5 articles for our consideration. One of these articles, which will published in the "Ayna-Zerkalo‘ newspaper in Azeri and in Russian, is already edited and sent for publication. Other articles are under edition.

The fifth edition of the Regional Disability newsletter is almost prepared in Russian and English. Some materials on Disability and news from the disabled people NGOs from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia will be published there as usual. If any reader is interested to receive a copy or to publish relative information in the news letter, then please contact us.

1.2 Disabled Women Group (DWG).

This project is devoted to the promotion of the work of the initiative DWG to further develop it into a Co-ordination Centre of a Disabled Women Organisations. The work of the psychological, information and employment subgroups is going on.

This month the group organised a tea- party of disabled people’s NGOs where participated 60 disabled people, 7 of them were wheelchair users and 15 guests, among which were local government authorities, poets, journalists and musicians. The motto of the meeting was " Break down the invisible wall between disabled people and society". After the party the participants had a bus trip to see the evening/night life of Baku. For the wheelchair users it was first time they had been out like this for years.

DWG continues to give support to disabled people and their families. In one instance the parents of a 12 year old disabled girl considered that she didn’t need anything in life but food. DWG discussed her position with the parents and it was agreed that the girl would attend the rehabilitation centre on a regular basis. In order for her to have an active life, the group is now looking for a sponsor to buy her a wheelchair.

The Employment subgroup have had discussions with the Government Employment office concerning job opportunities for disabled women. There was no objection to disabled women taking up available jobs but it was found that all the vacancies available were not suitable for disabled people.

At the moment DWG is preparing the Constitution and other documents to pass the registration at the Ministry of Justice to become an NGO.

1.3 Information Centre for Disabled people

Disabled People association "Design" - Project is devoted to the creation of the information advising center for the disabled people and their families members from Yasamal district of Baku, where the information Center will be set up (potential beneficiaries are 7,000 people). At the moment the reconstruction and refurbishment work of the premises is finished. Staff (2 advisors and 1 Lawyer) have been recruited by advertisment and interview. Some furniture and equipment for the centre is purchasing. The official opening of the centre will be in the middle of January.

2. Women's NGOs.

"Rights of Women in Prison"- Women Rights Defense Association (WRDA) -

The project is finished. At the moment WRDA is analysing the results, and impact and makes preparations for the joint workshop with the participation of the women-prisoners, prison authorities, NGO and WRDA representatives. Some findings from the project will be discussed at that workshop.

3. Legal Advice Centre

Independent Lawyers Centre - This project is to organise Legal Advice Centre in Sabail district of Baku (potential number of beneficiaries 200,000 people) to provide free access to legal advise and information on current legislation for a period of 6 months. Two lawyers and a clerk will be working full time 6 days a week at the Centre. Preparations for the opening of the Centre are started. The official opening of the Centre is expected by the middle of January.

4. Current projects under consideration by OXFAM for funding are as follows:

"Training on Rights and Laws for the IDP women at the Oxfam’s community centres" - WRDA
"Consulting Centre on further development of the private sector and farming"- VATAN
"Monitoring of Women’s Rights" - Hu

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