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 Report - Activity Report (Oxfam)

 Report date: 31.12.1997

NGO work.  

1. Disabled people NGOs.

1.1"Disability Awareness Programme".

The main materials for the 4th film, "Rights of Disabled People" were prepared. The TV crew is still working on this.

The final version of the first of 3 posters of different sizes in English and Azeri has been printed and is ready for distribution. We are currently working on defining places where to display them for maximum exposure. We will involve volunteers in the distribution of posters.

A press article, "Rights of Disabled People", was published on the 17.01.98 in the "525" Newspaper. The author of this article is himself a wheelchair-user. After publication he received a lot of telephone calls expressing gratitude that he raise this most important question. Also a disabled man, a professor of mathematics, published another article in the "Eliller" newspaper ("Disabled People") and supported the idea of people getting together in order to address the issue more actively.

1.2 Disabled Women Group (DWG).

This project is devoted to the promotion of the work of the initiative DWG to further develop it into a Co-ordination Centre of a Disabled Women Organisations. The work of the psychological, information and employment subgroups is on going .

At the moment DWG has been preparing the Constitution and other documents and have passed them for registration to the Ministry of Justice to became an NGO.

Some articles for the Regional Disability Newsletter were produced.

1.3 Information centre for the disabled people

Disabled People association "Design" - The official opening of the centre was on the 27th of January. The centre is admitting disable people regardless of their age and social conditions and is giving them free consultation and information on the following issues: Disability Law, Addresses of the required institutions where to apply, Codes and Legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The Centre is open from 10.00 till 18.00 except Sundays.

Address: 26, Talibli Str., metro "Inshaatchilar", (near Notary office). Tel: 326810, 326156

2. Women's NGOs.

2.1."Rights of Women in Prison"- Women Rights Defence Association (WRDA) -

The project is finished. At the moment WRDA is analysing the results, and impact and is making preparations for the joint workshop with the participation of the women-prisoners, prison authorities, NGO and WRDA representatives. Some findings from the project will be discussed at that workshop, which hopefully will be held in February.

2.2.Training on Rights and Laws for IDP women at the Oxfam’s Community Centres.

Women Rights Defence Association - This project is to hold a training programme on Rights (Human’s, Women’s, Educational, Civil and Public, Refugee’s Law) for the IDP women at the 29 Oxfam’s community Centres in Barda (south and North), Terter, Yevlakh, Sheki and Mingachevir in order to increase their Legal Awareness and self confidence. Training will be held for a period of 6 months.

3.Other NGO's.

Legal Advice Centre

"Independent Lawyers Centre" - This project is to organise a Legal Advice Centre to provide free access to legal advice and to a Library on current legislation. The official opening of the Centre was on 3rd of February. Two Lawyers and the clerk will be working full time, 6 days a week (except Sundays).

Address: 90/2, Bashir Safaroglu str., Baku, 370009. Telephone/fax: 953797, E-mail:

Current projects under consideration by OXFAM for funding are as follows:

"Consulting Centre on further development of the private sector and farming"- VATAN

"Monitoring of Women’s Rights" - Human Rights Centre

"Single mothers" - Centre for the Strategic Research

Shovcat Ali-zade, Programme Officer



1.1. Fruit Trees

Post monitoring of fruit trees is already undertaken by Programme Assistant in Goronboy and Guzanli ECHO camps.

1.2 Production and Distribution of Sheets, Woven Floor Rugs and Knitted Clothing

Floor rugs:

a) Production continued throughout the month for palas.

b) The labour price for floor rugs is now 35,000 manats maximum.

c) Palas production needed to be speeded up. It has been decided that producers will produce 1 floor rug a week. This was necessary considering the planned distribution to take place by early March. However, quality of finished work will be strictly monitored.

Bed Linen:

a) Material has been already purchased and production of bed Linen is started.

b) Started cutting second batch materials for Bed linen in the warehouse.


There was only 23 produced items during the month. This was due to contractor’s inability to supply the raw materials on time.

1.3 Equipment for Disabled:

Quotation for the items has been already collected. After finalising the quotation, procurement will be done in late February.

1.4 Water Scheme (ECHO CAMP)

After the survey carried out at Goronboy and Yevlakh camps it was decided to see the possibilities of artesian well drilling. Information on artesian well drilling companies had been gathered from different sources and the outcome of this survey is that deep well drilling is quite expensive. Different ways of dealing with this problem have been investigated. At present Oxfam is facing some resistance from the local Excom. A letter has been already forwarded to the Excom in order to clarify the issues. The work will start immediately after a positive response is received.

1.5 Water Schemes (Small Settlements)

New places for small water scheme construction had been identified by engineers together with community workers.

1.6 Latrines

New type of latrines with lined pits which are raised above ground level because of the high water table are designed for Yevlakh ECHO settlement.

1.7 ECHO Bath house Improvements

Bathhouse improvement/construction in Mingechevir, Yevlakh and Sheki, which were mentioned in December report are under way. Progress is a bit slow due to cold weather. These bathhouses will be completed in February.

1.8 Washing Places

No washing places have been constructed in January, 1998. So far 35 washing places have been completed.

1.9 Rubbish Collection Points

10 rubbish collection points have been constructed during this month in Goronboy ECHO camp. The design has been modified in order to avoid breading places for flies and mosquitoes. All together 40-rubbish collection points have been constructed.

1.10 Shelter Repairs

Distribution of small repair kits to support IDPs living in individual houses was started this month. By the end of this month 153 kits to 153 families have been distributed to the following area:

Barda North 35
Barda Soyth 45
Tartar 73

By the end of January this activity supported 356 families who are housed in public buildings and in individual houses.

1.11 School Room Repairs

No schoolrooms have been repaired this month. So far 31 schoolrooms have been renovated by this activity.

1.12 Sun/Rain Shelters

No further work has been done in this month. So far 184 sun/rain shelters have been constructed.

1.13 Community Centres

The construction of 2 community centres in Guzanli ECHO camp was completed this month. All together 11 community centres have been constructed.

1.14 Children’s Group Materials

Oxfam community workers are regularly visiting the community centres and encouraging different kinds of children’s activities.

1.15 Community Group Materials

The list of materials provided to different community groups are mentioned in December 97 report. Further materials distributed to the community centres are mentioned below and community workers are regularly visiting these groups.

The work carried out by Oxfam community workers in different field are as follows:

a) Support to Engineering

- Held meetings (3 in all) at Guzanli ECHO camp to solicit community ideas and opinion in order to address the water problem in the camp.

- Assisted engineers to distribute the Small Repairs kits.

- Continued to identify possible areas where engineering intervention could be made.

b) Organise cleaning Campaign in the Communities.

- January 26-30 was set to be the Cleaning Campaign week in all the settlements where Oxfam is operational. This is planned to continue at the end of every month until the residents carry out this activitiy independently of Oxfam. The campaign was participated by other residents in the community except those groups of women and children from other areas who usually visit Oxfam built community centres. In some communities such as Goronboy and Rail Way Wagon for instance, beneficiaries dug pits for the garbage, and a tractor collected all the rubbish, filled the pits with it and finally covered with fresh earth.

c) Collection of stories in the community.

Materials are intended to be compiled and printed in the form of stories stressing things or areas in their own homes or their environment that pose a danger and health hazard to members of the family or the people in the community as a whole. Community workers have started to collect the stories ensuring that they get the perspective of a danger/hazard issue from the perspective of both child and adult.

It is expected to highlight salient points concerning maintenance of engineering structures in the community such as in the case of washing places; the importance of closing the tap after use for instance that results to stagnant water puddles or ponds inevitably to become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

d) Other Activities

Preliminary groundwork undertaken in preparation for the planned meeting of parents with disabled children.

e) Distribution of Materials under the current programme

  Heaters School Blackboard ECHO Plastic Sht Sazz
Goranboy 1 1(e)      
Goranboy 2 1(e)      
Guzanli 1 1(e)      
Guzanli 2 1(e)      
Guzanli 3 1(e)      
Yevlakh 1 1 (o) 9 1 1
Yevlakh 2 1 (o)      
Mingechevir 1 1 (e)      
Mingechevir 2 1 (e)      
Sheki 1 1 (w) 3   1
Sheki 2 1(w)      
T O T A L 11 12 1 2

Note: e = electric; o = oil burning; w = wood burning

1.16 Road Repairs

The construction of gravel road in Mingachevir ECHO settlement has been completed. The progress of work in Sheki and Yevlakh ECHO settlements is according to the time schedule and completion of work is expected in mid February, where construction of road in Goranboy ECHO is going slowly.


Staff were busy the whole month in conducting different meetings with Saving and Credit (SC) groups. IG Regional Adviser Camilla visited Barda in the week starting from 21. Together with Camilla, formats of necessary documents for record keeping and bookkeeping have been finalised. These formats will be distributed to the groups for proper record keeping. Training will be organised for bookkeepers in February.

Oxfam plan is to support only 10 groups in this pilot programme, which finishes in March. However, there are far more groups already formed by self-initiative. It will be difficult to ignore these groups. This issue has been already discussed with IG Adviser. It is envisaged that initially groups will not ask for huge amount of money therefore, it will be possible to support other groups if necessary.

So far 14 groups have been formed. Out of these, 8 groups are properly formed and have started regular savings. At the initial stage it is important to visit these groups on a regular basis in order to provide forms and continuous support. It has been found difficult to monitor these groups with one community worker. There are already 4 or 5 womens groups, which need constant support. Due to cultural sensitivity, it is necessary to recruit a woman community worker. The position has been already advertised. Interview is scheduled in mid February.

Kishor Sharma and the Barda staff

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