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 Report - Activity Report (Oxfam)

 Report date: 31.05.1998

1. NGO support work.

Disabled people NGOs.

1.1 "Disability Awareness Programme".

TV films - The 5th film - "Disabled Sportsmen" was broadcasted on AzTV-1 at 17.40 on June 9th. 98. The 6th film , 'Gender and Disability' was broadcasted on June 10, at 17.30 on the same channel.

Radio Programmes. The 9th RP - 'Disability Rights and local NGOs' was broadcasted on the 16th of June. This programme described the situation of disabled women in regions.

Poster - The 3rd poster devoted to Gender is already designed and produced. Now they are being distributed.

1.1.2 Disabled Women Group (DWG).

The training on human rights for Disabled Women Group in Sheki was held in 1st of June by WRDA. They also participated in radio programme. On 23rd of June Regional Disability Advisor also held training on the Social model of Disability. Some articles for the Regional Disability Newsletter were produced. A member of this group attended the 2nd International Conference for Disabled Women which was held in Moscow in early June.

1.1.3 Information Centre for Disabled People.

The centre is providing free consultation and disseminate information to Disabled People on the following issues: Disability Law, Addresses of the required institutions and Legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

During June 62 people attended the centre and 28 telephone calls were received. The total number of enquiries in the following categories were 96:

Rights of Disabled people (48), Medical Treatment (16), Utilities privilege (6), Education (6) Employment (20), Creation of farm (1).

Disabled people have visited centre from 10 districts of Baku (96%) and from other districts of Azerbaijan (4): Goychay (1), Gusar (1), Davachi (1), Khachmaz (1).

The analysis of enquires shows that at the moment the number of disabled people looking for a job is increased by 4 times, 20 against 5 in May. All this figures might be seen as an evidence that at the moment disabled people are the most vulnerable in Azerbaijan: 40 quires out of 96 were about material help, rights for privileges and utility privileges. Training on "Privileges for disabled people" and "Government Institutions, responsible for disability issues" was held for staff.

The Centre is open from 10.00 till 18.00 except Sundays. Address: 26, Talibli St., metro "Inshaatchilar", (near Notary office). Telephone: 321060

1.2 Women's NGOs.

1.2.1 Training on Rights and Laws for IDP women at the Oxfam's Community Centres, Women Rights Defence Association - This project is to hold a training programme on Rights (Human's, Women's, Educational, Civil and Public, Refugee's Law) for the IDP women at the 29 Oxfam's community Centres in Barda (south and North), Terter, Yevlakh, Sheki and Mingechevir in order to increase their Legal Awareness and self confidence. Fifth training "Refugee's Law" was held in 29 communities. The fourth training on "Educational Rights" was held in 13 communities. A questionnaire was distributed among the participants in order to estimate the project results. At the moment the analysis of the questionnaires is going on. IDP women were upset with the ending of the project because they became very friendly with the trainers and considered them as a people who really would like to improve their social life as well.

1.2.2. "Monitoring of Women's Rights" - Human Rights Centre

This project is to produce a newsletter in Azeri, English and Russian on a 10-day basis. The focus of the newsletter is the review of the women's movement in Azerbaijan and reporting on observance of women's rights. There were produced 2 editions (Azeri and Russian) in June. The hard copies have been sent to the local Women's NGOs, Government Institutions and International NGOs.

1.3 Advice and Information

1.3.1 Legal Advice Centre

"Independent Lawyers Centre" - This project is to organise Legal Advice Centre (LAC) to provide free access to legal advice and to a Library on current legislation. Two Lawyers and the clerk are working full time, 6 days a week (except Sundays) at the Centre and give free consultations on Legislation to everybody who visit or telephone.

During June 136 people (55 pensioners, 29 veterans of Labour, 21 disabled people) used this service. Majority of queries were on general information (40), Civil Procedure (20) and Housing issue (16). The rest was Fringe Benefits (21), Family law (11), Criminal law (9), and other. It is worth mentioning that twice as many women apply to Centre than men - 88 women and 48 men. LAC produced a third bulletin and 2 information sheets where the information on most frequent queries was given.

LAC had organised lecture on a theme "Features of military crimes" with the participation of the lawyers, students and NGO representatives.

The number of Centre's telephone is 973457.
Address: 90/2, Bashir Safaroglu St., Baku, 370009.

1.3.2."Consulting Centre on further development of the private sector and farming"-"VATAN"- this project is to organise two Advise Centres on creation and further development farms in Saatli and Sabirabad districts. Two advisors on each centre will help the inhabitants of the 18 villages both local population and refugees (about 34850 people) in farm creation and development of agricultural enterprises and make links with the potential investors as well. During June "Vatan" made analysis of the survey results of the potential farmers. Survey's findings are:

- people/farmers still could not get land certificate from the government institutions
- farmers have not any juridical support
- no links with the potential investors
- poor social conditions of the peasants
- no free market for selling of harvest/crop
- needs in technical, economical, meliorate and fuel's support

The trainers are now preparing a training programme based on the survey findings called "How to solve problems". Training materials were given to advisors as well. Special literature on these issues was distributed among the beneficiaries.

Linking meeting.

On 9th of June the second linking meeting of Project co-ordinators from Consulting services mentioned above was held at the Legal Advice Centre office in Baku for the purpose of sharing information, joint training and identifying strategy for advocacy. It was also agreed that the lawyers from Legal Advice Centre and Information Centre for Disabled people will provide training for the advisors from the Consulting Centre for Developing Farms..." on issue relate to General Legislation and Disability Law.

1.4 The closing date for this year’s grant submission was 12th of June. 28 projects were submitted. Grant approval procedure will be going in the beginning of July.

2. BARDA Programme activities

2.1. ECHO

As we were awaiting approval of future ECHO funded activities very few little was done during the month under ECHO except preparation work.

Comic Book:

Pre-test on Malaria Awareness. This was carried out in 13 selected communities so as to determine the current awareness level of children about malaria before comic distribution. Pre test results (average out of 20 correct answers) are as follows:

Centre No. Of Children Interviewed Average Score
Ismailbayli 4 6.1
Sheki ECHO 10 8.2
Boarding Sch. No 96 6 7.8
Pitomnic 5 4.2
Lakh Forest 5 6.2
Mingechevir ECHO 9 9
Goranboy ECHO 11 7.4
Yevlakh ECHO 16 9
Guzanli School 4 11.2
Guzanli Farm 4 13.2
Hassanggaya 2 13
Guzanli ECHO 17 9.9
Airidya School 7 9.2

Distribution of Comic Book. The comic book was distributed to all centres. A copy was also given to selected International Health NGO’s as well as UN offices.

Centre Qty
Yevlakh ECHO 1 & 2 80
Sheki ECHO 1 & 2 80
Mingechevir ECHO 1 & 2 60
Guzanli ECHO 1, 2 & 3 120
Goranboy ECHO 1 & 2 80
Railway Wagon 35
Khamtorpark 1 & 2 65
Mamarli 35
Kucharli 35
Lakh Forest 30
Shiranli 30
Bahram’s Farm 30
Ayrija School 30
Guzanli Farm 30
Guzanli School 30
Nazirli 30
Hassanggaya 30
Bayimsarov 30
Pitomnic 30
Boarding School No 96 30
Ismailbayli 30

A copy was furnished to IFRC, MSF-B, MSF-H, IRC, CAD, NRC, MDM-G, DRC, UMCOR, RI, UNICEF, UNHCR, MoH and ECHO.

MSF-Belgium expressed their interest in using the original comic book and add in treatment information. IFRC has also expressed their interest in getting more copies. Both cases were left at CR level for discussion. UMCOR has also forwarded a formal request of 40 copies for their children’s groups.

2.2. NOVIB Programme:

The current Savings and Credit programme, due to finish at the end of May, was granted an extension up to the end of July. A new proposal for the year 98-99 is currently awaiting approval by NOVIB.


  • Barda hosted an Inter Agency Field Co-ordination meeting on 2 June.
  • European Union Commissioner together with Prime-Minister and Deputy Prime Minister visited Yevlakh ECHO camp on 3 June. Anna de Roos from ECHO and Didier and other UNHCR personnel were also present during that time.
  • Staff from UMCOR visited Oxfam Barda and Oxfam’s Children groups in Barda.
  • Patrick from IRC visited Barda office to discuss the possible co-operation between two organisations.
  • Regional Disability Advisor, Jacquie Christie, visited Baku and Barda programmes.
  • Lina Payne, Oxfam Social Policy advisor for EE/FSU, arrived in Azerbaijan for a 6 week visit to look at the issues surrounding education, health and the elderly and to develop advocacy strategies. She will spend most of her time in local and IDP settlements in Barda.
  • Baku office manager spent two weeks in the UK on an Oxfam Management training course as well as visiting Oxfam departments in Oxford. Staff from Georgia and Armenia also attended.
  • Oxfam’s Disability Awareness Programme assistant attended the 2nd International Conference for Disabled women in Europe which was held in Moscow.

Prepared by Shovcat Ali-zadeh, Kishor Sharma and Oxfam staff.

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