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 Report - Activity Report (PILIGRIM)

 Report date: 30.11.2000

Ecotourists protect a Apsheron nature

The youth activists NGO "Piligrim" jointly with the Mountain Sports Club carried out from July to December 2000 the at support of the UN Young Volunteers Program mass nature protection and propaganda actions on protection of unique monuments of a nature and history of Apsheron peninsula on its northern coast - rocky massifs "Dubendi" and "Nardaran". The fulfilled project was aimed at pollution prevention by oil extraction by oil extraction waste products and rubbish of the oil port and railway terminal "Dubendi" located hear by, the picturesque sandy beaches with underwater sleeping grottoes and caves where our ancestors lived in neolit epoch.

During transportation of oil by sea and construction of railway terminal the environment was contaminated. The cosy sleeping grottoes & sandy beaches, saving the inhabitants of Baku & Absheron from burning summer sun, were littered by so-called fans of the nature. The unique corners of the wild nature of Absheron have got ugly outlines, the birds, inhabitants of the sea & steppes died. The gold sand of wild beaches has become covered by broken bottles, rusty scrap metal, by toxically polyethylene packing. All it damaged and damages the health of the people, wild animals, the birds and nature.

The same picture one can see on the rocks of the Nardaran coast – the favorite place for meeting & trainings of the Baku tourists, mountain- and rock-climbers, lovers of sports orientation. The owners of country cottages which had appeared on these picturesque rocks and hid the Amburan Beacon to navigation and architecture on Caspian sea (XIX century), view the builders refuse and rubbish directly to the picturesque glades – the places of meeting of the tourists.

Apsheron – the land of our ancient ancestors, the land of sea water and crystal air, the land of mysterious ancient rock carvings. The traces of man who had lived on Apsheron have 35-40 thousand years. Ones and such places are the Dubendi coast and Nardaran rocks.

On these territories the archaeologists found out the dwellings of the people of the iron and bronze periods, ancients caravansarays, ovdans (underground reservoirs of drinking water).

Rock cawings of the Dubendi coast are the richest picture gallery the Azerbaijan after the Gobustan one.

These unique monuments of the wild nature and history are to be saved today, then it will be late.

So the young volunteers - members of organizations "Piligrim" and Mountain Sports Club organizations, who studied the primary ecoeducational course in the Wild Nature School carried out in summer, autumn and winter 2000 that is at time, frees of study and work the clearing of the coasts, wild beaches and historical monuments of rubbish, arranged the resting places, put the billboards and posters, calling to save & protect the native nature of Apsheron. All the rubbish scrap metal was utilized & taken out to the places, intended for its collection. Simultaneously the young volunteers, numbering more than 30 persons from our organizations and as much from the local inhabitants, got aquatinted with natural and archaeological monuments of Apsheron.

While realizing these measures our fellows got into good training and received the moral satisfuction from participation in the socially useful activity, broadened their educational a level and outlook.

Realization of these measures allowed to achieve most effectively the objects aimed at saving the unique places of wild nature.

The participants of the nature protection actions hardly would ever after the coast, appreciating their own efforts.

The slogans in protection of a nature had an effect those who poured out the oil waste directly into the sea closely to the sandy beaches and lagoons. So we can hope that the fish a sea animals would return to these places.

Thus, the formation of new ecological thinking at our youth began, on harmonization of the relations between man & nature. The work on saving the nature of Apsheron will be continued. Now, the project on clearing the territory neighboring the unique open-air museum – the Gobustan reserve, is developed. These places are covered with plastic packing and aluminum jars from soft drinks. We hope, that our activity would be supported by the companies, producing these soft drinkings.

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