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 Report - Activity Report (PILIGRIM)

 Report date: 30.09.2001

... We shall leave, but will be and without us wide to flow by the river a flow.

"Gold Autumn" - in snow!

So its participants the members of public organization "Piligrim" and Mountain Sports Club in last week-end of October (October 26-28 have carried out a Ecotourist meeting 2001). Ecotourists summarized of a year's season.

The meeting was spent in mountain woods of the Seazan area (foothills of East Caucasus), near to a legendary fortress "Charag-Kala" (I-V century). When the participants of a meeting of the profit on the camp, they were struck with a fantastic landscape: golden, red, green foliage of trees and all ground were densely covered by white snow. Having cleared away snow, ecotourists have established tent camp. In such conditions the meeting was spent for the first time, however, winter cold has not prevented to carry out it under the complete program. The teams of the participants successfully competed in overcoming complex natural obstacles meeting in campaigns, demonstrating thus high tourist engineering. For the first time on snow competitions on arrangement a camp and skill also were spent to address with tourist equipment. With approach of darkness, when it became even more cold, youth at a hot fire, has shown itself in competitions of art amateur performance, cooking, figures and posters calling to protect a unique nature of Azerbaijan. The next day, the sun has looked out and the autumn has returned the thaw snow has opened to the participants of a meeting ugly place, by household dust, plastic container, by glass and spots by traces of mass rest "the amateurs of a nature". On place the competition of teams on clearing of these traces was organized.

A result of these competitions became a mountain of bags of the assembled dust.

The visitors of its organizer of a team of the company Fugro-Caspian vill age schoolboys living in settlements, near to sanatorium to a resort Kala - Alti have taken part also in a meeting. The commands - winners were awarded with valuable prizes, and all participants by memorable gifts and souvenirs. 40 men a urban and village active ecotourests have taken part more than in a meeting.

In the future is planned to expand geography of realization ecotourists nature protection measures and to invite to them ecotourist and defence counsels of a nature from near and distant foreign countries. Such prospect opens in connection with acceptance of Azerbaijan in the World Tourist Organization.

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