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 Report - Monthly Activity Report (WVI)

 Report date: 31.08.1997

Executive Summary.

During the month of September 609MTs of food was distributed to 42,888 beneficiaries. Four of the five sectors in Yeni Alibairmle have been completed, with over 350 houses repaired and nineteen left to complete. Food packs have been distributed to 267 families, reaching 1,794 persons affected by floods in Mingechevir. Seeds were also distributed in the second round of these distributions.

1. Supplementary Food Assistance:

The fifth round of 1997, distributing World Food Programme (WFP) supplied supplementary food rations to seventeen of the north-central and north-western districts was begun on the 8th September. During the month 609MT of food comprising flour, peas, vegetable oil and sugar has been distributed to 42,888 beneficiaries in 11,436 families.

Streamlining of distribution teams has taken place with one member of each team being released in an effort to achieve optimum efficience in distributions. A total of 13 employees have been realeased. This new structure will be evaluated at the end of the month to determine whether it has been successful in increasing efficiency.

2. Income Generation:

The Quick Impact Income Project (QIIP) which aims to improve the standard of living of IDPs through economic independence, continues to proceed well with 1,560 small businesses having now been established or expanded since the project commenced in November 1995. In Gange, Gazakh and Mingechevir 41 new contracts were signed for startups during September, with 27 secondary/advanced loans also being given. In the Baku office 23 new and 32 secondary/advanced contracts were signed. In total $40,390 was disbursed in loans and $2,360 in grants during this month.

579 businesses have now graduated from the project having successfully met all the requirements laid out in their contract with WVAz, including paying back the loan over a six month period, and reinvesting 15% of the profits back into the business.

3. Shelter Rehabilitation:

The SCF/USAID funded Community Shelter Rehabilitation Project continues to progress well with 52 of the initial 56 buildings now having been completed. Work continues on the remaining four buildings included under the current project, centring on electricity supply, cabling and water pipes.

The extension to the project will enable work to be carried out on a further 14 builings, targetting at least 5,632 IDPs or refugees. This will be carried out in a similar manner as to the current work, aiming to ensure shelters have adequate levels of safety, weather resistance, sanitation and access to basic services, as well as mobilising the community to take responsibility for the care of their living conditions.

4. Seeds:

Seed packs were distributed to the Mingechevir flood victims in the second round of food pack distributions (see 6. below) on the 18th September. These were to replace vegetable garden which had been destroyed during the flood.

5. Emergency Rehabilitation:

Work continued on the DFID funded rehabilitation project in Yeni Alibairamle with four of the five sectors of the town being completed by the end of the month, and work on the fifth scheduled to finish in the first week of October. Arrangements were made for the removal of the broken asbestos pieces which had been removed from the roofs, with a truck being hired to move them from the town to a suitable site for burial in the second week of October. Mattresses and quilts are to be distributed to the most needy families once the rehabilitation work had been completed, the mattresses being supplied by Relief International, with the quilts from UMCORE.

6. Other Flood Assistance:

Food packs were distributed to families in the town of Mingechevir who had their homes or food stocks damaged or destroyed in the floods which hit the town during August. 900 packs were provided by Counterpart International, initially to reach 185 families, but later expanded by 3,280 so that by the end of the second distribution on 18th September a total of 1,794 persons in 267 families had been provided for. A third distribution is planned for the beginning of October, with 980 further packs of food to be distributed.

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