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 Report - Monthly Activity Report (WVI)

 Report date: 30.09.1997

Executive Summary.

During the month of October 674 MTs of food was distributed to 47,508 beneficiaries making 90,396 beneficiaries served during the fifth round. WV Bosnia Project Manager visits QIIP to help improve tracking systems. Shelter, a time of reflection and preparation for the work to be carried out during the next six months. All 357 families affected by the storm in Yeni Alibairamle have their roofs repaired.

1. Supplementary Food Assistance:

The fifth round of the 1997 distribution of World Food Programme (WFP) supplied, supplementary food rations to seventeen of the north-central and northwestern districts was completed on the 30th October. During the month over 674 MT of food has been distributed to 47,508 beneficiaries, bringing the total for the round to 90, 396 beneficiaries receiving supplementary food rations of flour, peas, oil and sugar. This month 120 MT of peas and 1,225 MT of wheat flour arrived and was unloaded at the warehouse in Mingechevir.

A number of cases where highlighted by WFP where duplication existed between WV, CARE and IIRO beneficiaries. In these cases, as agreed with the Government of Azerbaijan, those names were deleted from the WVAz distribution list.

The withdrawal of USDA’s support for CARE means that over 83,000 beneficiaries will no longer be receiving food. It is anticipated that there will be future issues and problems as beneficiaries move to WVAz areas or try to receive food. Unfortunately at the moment WFP cannot supply WVAz with sufficient food to provide for these additional families.

Farewells were said to Majed Fassih this month, WVAz wishes him all the best in his new posting in Teran, and looks forward to working with Mr Luay Basil, and Mr Cherif Zaher on his arrival.

2. Income Generation:

The Quick Impact Income Project (QIIP) which aims to improve the standard of living of IDPs through economic independence, continues to proceed well. This month a further 131 loans were distributed in Gange, Gazakh, Mingechevir and Baku, providing a means for families to start or expand a small business and earn an income. The programme now only distributes loans, with the grant component having stopped at the end of September.

The WV project manager for the microenterprise project in Bosnia visited Azerbaijan in a consultancy capacity at the start of the month. Mr Settle visited the project to evaluate the different systems that were in place and provide advice on how to improve them. The visit was useful and we hope to benefit from a follow up visit in the future.

3. Shelter Rehabilitation:

October has been a month of reflection and consolidation as the work on the first set of buildings was brought to a close. Whilst retentions held, mean that addition work resolving any problems may be carried out at certain buildings, the work at all but one site included in the original list, has been completed. Work at the remaining site involves the connecting of the main electricity supply to the main supply in Sumgait. Additionally this month the list of contractors was also revisited, and additions were made to the list as well the removal of contractors who had performed bad work, or were duplicated on the list through different representatives.

During the next six month it is the intension is to rehabilitate buildings in Sumgait housing over 5,623 IDPs.

4. Food For Work:

The Food For Work project has now filled all 124 ‘jobs’ and work is due to begin cleaning and maintaining the shelters where the families in Gange and Mingechevir live. The FFW project is a pilot project to look at targeting the food to more vulnerable people, and allowing work befitting the community ro be carried out at the same time.

5. Emergency Rehabilitation:

The work funded by the British Government to rehabilitate the houses in Yeni Alibairamle whose roofs were destroyed by the storms in June was completed this month. By the end of the month, all the main areas of the roofs had been repaired for the 357 families who had been effected. The project was carried out working closely with the community, and priorities of which houses to work on first decided with the community. The old asbestos sheets have been carefully disposed of in order to minimise the dangers associated with asbestos dust. Accordingly, with sacks provided by WFP, WVAz organised the collection of all broken asbestos, which was then be buried in a area away from the town.

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