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 Report - Monthly Activity Report (WVI)

 Report date: 31.10.1997

Executive Summary

During the month of November, 572 MT of WFP supplemental food rations were distributed to 40,594 beneficiaries. QIIP has provided an additional 122 loans to create and expand IDP businesses, while concentrating on lowering problematic loans in Baku. Shelter has celebrated the completion of one phase of the program with community parties at IDP shelters, while beginning a new phase of work on 15 shelters housing 1,059 families and 5,628 beneficiaries. A new National Director has been appointed to World Vision Azerbaijan, Stu Willcuts, and is scheduled to begin early January 1998.

1. Supplemental Food Assistance

The first month of the sixth round of the 1997 distribution of World Food Programme-supplied supplementary food rations to seventeen north-central and northwest districts was completed on 30 November. During this month, over 572 MT of supplementary food rations of flour, peas, oil and sugar have been distributed to 40,594 beneficiaries, comprising 10,813 families. 192 MT of peas arrived and was unloaded at the warehouse in Mingechevir, with additional shipments of other food rations expected to arrive in early December.

MDM Greece has approached World Vision to distribute iodized salt to IDP families in certain districts of north-central and northwest Azerbaijan. Each IDP family would receive 1 kg of salt with their WFP supplementary food rations for three rounds of distribution. World Vision Azerbaijan is pleased to partner with MDM, and extends its thanks to Mr. Yannis Agapios, MDM Representative, and Dr. Apostolos Veizis, MDM Mission Coordinator, for providing this much-needed resource.

2. Income Generation

The Quick Impact Income Project (QIIP) seeks to provide small loans for business creation among IDPs, to increase family income, food security and standards of living of IDP families in Ganje, Mingechevir, Gazakh and Baku. The past months had seen an increase in the number of problematic loans and defaults within the Baku area. World Vision QIIP staff actively reached out to these clients, sitting down with those whose businesses are struggling to provide additional training and to help revise their original business and marketing plans, and with those clients who have shown no interest in repayment, QIIP staff has aggressively targeted these clients, pressuring clients to honor their commitments. These measures have been very successful, witnessed by a marked decrease in problematic loans in Baku for the month of November.

In November, an additional 122 QIIP-supported businesses were started or expanded this month, bringing the total to 1,690 since the beginning of the project.

3. Community Shelter Rehabilitation Project

To bring closure to a successful phase in the work of the Community Shelter Rehabilitation Project (CSRP), and to celebrate the dedicated work of both World Vision staff and the IDP communities, end of project celebrations were held at various rehabilitation sites throughout the Baku and Sumgait areas. These celebrations allowed World Vision to recognize and celebrate the contributions of the IDP community in rehabilitating their shelters, and the leadership and dedication of the (Shelter Working Groups) SWG in facilitating community organization. Over cake and tea, speeches were made by Steve Griffiths, Construction Manager, as well as by IDP residents and community leaders and contractors praising the work and changes witnessed throughout the IDP shelters. World Vision certificates were also presented to contractors and SWG participants.

CSRP has begun work on an additional 15 buildings in 3 areas of Sumgait, which provide shelter for 1,059 IDP families, totaling 5,628 residents.

4. Food for Work

The Food for Work pilot project in Ganje and Mingechevir has begun at most sites, with work having been identified and assigned, and tools having been distributed to participants. Careful monitoring has identified that families have applied for the FFW jobs at multiple sites under different names, and that some participants under age 16 have lied about their age to be involved. In general, IDPs have been eager to be involved in the project, and World Vision staff hopes that the FFW project will be a valuable instrument of targeting food assistance to more vulnerable people, while performing needed community services.

5. School Project

WFP, with funds from UNICEF, has chosen to partner with World Vision to rehabilitate the Sumgait Boarding School, home to over 300 IDP children. Work to be done includes the rehabilitation of communal toilet and washing areas, and the construction and outfitting of a bakery for the school. Work is to commence in December.

6. New Staff

World Vision Azerbaijan is pleased to announce the appointment of a new National Director, Stu Willcuts. Stu brings a wealth of experience to the position of National Director, with past service with World Vision, Save the Children, and USAID. After 6 months without a Director, World Vision Azerbaijan eagerly awaits his arrival early in the new year. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Stu.

Scott Brady has joined World Vision Azerbaijan as Program Officer, as of 17 November. As Program Officer, Scott will be responsible for securing new funding, proposal writing, reports and communication with all partners. Prior to joining World Vision in 1995, he worked among Kurdish refugees in Berlin, Germany and northern Iraq for three years. Scott graduated from Harvard University in 1991.

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