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 Report - Monthly Activity Report (WVI)

 Report date: 30.11.1997

Executive Summary

During the month of December, 622 MT of WFP supplemental food rations were distributed to 50,248 beneficiaries. World Vision has received approval from USAID and WFP to expand World Vision's supplemental food distribution from the current 17 districts in northwest and north-central Azerbaijan, to include an additional 85,000 beneficiaries and 13 districts in central and south-central Azerbaijan. QIIP has provided an additional 155 loans to create and expand IDP businesses. CSRP continues work on 15 shelters in Sumgait, home to 5,628 beneficiaries. Community Outreach received a shipment of new children's clothing from World Vision Canada to be used for IDP community stores.

1. Supplemental Food Assistance

The second month of the sixth round of the 1997 distribution of World Food Programme (WFP) supplementary food rations to seventeen north-central and northwest districts was completed on 25 December. During December, over 622 MT of supplementary food rations of flour, peas, oil and sugar have been distributed to 50,248 beneficiaries, comprising 13,537 families. For the round, over 1,196MT of food aid was distributed to 90,842 beneficiaries. Over 1,375 MT of wheat flour, 125MT of peas, and 480MT of vegetable oil arrived and were unloaded at the warehouse in Mingechevir.

World Vision has received approval from USAID and WFP to expand World Vision's supplemental food distribution from the current 17 districts in northwest and north-central Azerbaijan, to include an additional 13 districts in central and south-central Azerbaijan for a three month period ending 31 March 98. These 13 districts previously received food aid through CARE Intl., whose USDA funding was abruptly cut. Through World Vision's assistance, over 85,000 beneficiaries, who stood to have their food rations cut off without notice during the coldest winter months, are now assured of having food aid until the spring.

Additionally, as a part of the USAID-funded WFP distribution, a comprehensive nutritional survey will be conducted in the 13 districts. This survey will examine urban v. rural, regional and other measures of IDP household food security and nutrition. The purpose of the three-month survey, slated to begin late-January, is to target the most vulnerable recipients as WFP enters a phase-out period in supplementary food assistance.

2. Income Generation

The Quick Impact Income Project (QIIP) seeks to provide small loans for business creation among IDPs, to increase family income, food security and standards of living of IDP families in Ganje, Mingechevir, Gazakh and Baku. In December, an additional 155 QIIP-supported businesses have been created or expanded, bringing the total to 1,845 since the beginning of the project.

3. Community Shelter Rehabilitation Project (CSRP)

In one of the shelters World Vision is rehabilitating in Sumgait, an altercation arose this month between the IDP community and the contractor responsible for the rehabilitation work. A misunderstanding over the type of roofing material to be used in the rehabilitation led to arguing and a physical confrontation between the contractor and members of the community, in which the contractor was physically assaulted by IDPs. The contractor refused to return to the shelter, and work was suspended. With the suspension of work there remained a large, gaping hole in the roof, which presented a health threat to IDP families in the rooms below.

World Vision community workers and engineers initiated discussions among the IDP community, the contractor, the owner of the building, and local government officials responsible for the shelter to resolve the problem. With Sumgait experiencing an extremely cold winter, WV staff sought to solve the problem and continue the work as quickly as possible. Within a week, after discussions with WV staff clearing up the misconceptions concerning the roofing materials, the IDP community wrote a letter of apology to the contractor, asking him to return to the shelter. The owner of the building, who played a role in instigating the conflict, also wrote a letter of apology to the contractor. With the approval of local government officials, the contractor agreed to return, and the rehabilitation work is continuing.

CSRP continues rehabilitation work on 15 large public buildings in Sumgait, home to 5,628 beneficiaries. Since 1995, World Vision has rehabilitated over 475 public buildings and shelters, providing sanitation, safety and security to over 34,000 beneficiaries.

4. School Project

The "Autoschool" in Sumgait will be sponsored by World Vision International's Employee Contribution Campaign, which selected WV Azerbaijan's school program to support for FY98. This IDP school is attended by over 450 IDP children from Gubadly and Lachin. Planned activities include the rehabilitation of the school and reequipping of the classrooms.

5. Community Outreach

World Vision's outreach initiatives to IDP communities in Sumgait and Baku has received a shipment of donated new children's clothing from World Vision Canada. This high-quality clothing will be used to strengthen existing relationships with IDP community groups, as we provide a needed resource for vulnerable children during the winter months. The clothing will be provided to IDP community stores, which will charge a nominal service fee to community residents receiving the clothing. The service fee both simplifies the selection and distribution process, and more importantly, utilizes the clothing developmentally. Rather than simply using the clothing as a one-time hand-out, residents are required to invest from their own resources to acquire the clothing. The proceeds from the clothing will be used by the IDP community for activities or needs which the community itself identifies.

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