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 Report - Information About Potential USS (Potential USS)

 Report date: 15.10.2002


Potential USS was in 1998 and registered NGO by the Ministry of Justice on May 27, 2000.

The main goal of the union is to gather specialists educated abroad and in the Azerbaijan Republic in this union, by using their scientific, technical, economical, legal and cultural potential to take active part in solution of social- economical problems of our Republic; to co-operate with other social, non-political and international organizations; by influencing on the state to help specialists of great intellectual potential to be represented in state management; to try for formation of civil society in the country and perception of democratic principles in society by everybody.
Union began its activity with the formation of information bank, constructed its office, organized the computer club and English courses for children of disabled persons of Karabakh War and veterans of Afganistan .

The Union implemented the following projects funded by International Organizations:

  • November 1999 -May 2000, the Union implemented the project of "To organize free legal advice Center for vulnerable people" supported by OXFAM GB. During 6 months 633 beneficiaries applied to the Center and 9 newsletters and 3 bulletins reflecting the privileges and allowances of vulnerable people. There were held 7 workshops dedicated to rights and privileges of vulnerable people for representatives of local NGOs.
  • August, 2000- August, 2001, the organization began to implement the project of "To organize Legal Advice and Training Center for providing the education and health rights of vulnerable people" under the funding of OXFAM GB. More than 1568 people applied to the Center and received necessary legal advises, and 6 legal bulletins and 12 newsletters were printed and distributed. A kit called "Rights, Privileges, Allowances 100 questions -100 answers" was printed and distributed. The telecasts and broadcasts called "Legal clinic" were realized on local TV and radio. The articles were printed on local newspapers in a regular basis. The Legal Library has been organized at the office. Workshops on health rights of vulnerable people were conducted at health enterprises. "Young Law Lovers" groups were established at 27 schools and more than 476 pupils were involved in these groups. The composition competition was held in order to determine outcomes of enlightenment works conducted among them and their knowledge and legal thought level.
  • July, 2001-July 2002 the Union implemented the project "To organize training on legal regulation of business for small and middle entrepreneurs" under the support of Eurasia Foundation. Free legal advices were provided to entrepreneurs living in Sumgayit and in suburbun. 607 physical and juridical persons engaged in entrepreneruship in Sumgayit and suburbs have got necessary legal advice, 6 legal bulletins and 12 newsletters on legislation regulating entreprise activity were published and distributed within the framework of the project. 12 telecast were developed on Local TV. The 2 monthly courses for 20 persons who are willing to be entrepreneur and monthly courses for entrepreneurs were organized within the framework of the project. 82 phisical and juridical persons could raise the level of their legal knowledge.
  • August, 2001-February, 2002 , the Union implemented the project "Training and advocacy on main Constitutional Rights and Liberties for Citizens to help the Building of Civil Society in Regions" under the funding of Democratic Commision, Embassy of USA. Workshops with participation of representatives of local NGOs were held in Lenkoran, Astara, Sheki, Gakh and Balaken regions within the framework of the project.
  • From December' 2001 the Union implements the project "The Organization of Poverty Monitoring Center" on Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper under the funding of OXFAM GB. The trainings on poverty rate and identification of measures on poverty reduction were provided representatives of local NGOs in 20 regions of the country. There were held meetings with members of Young Law Lovers groups and conversation on economic and juridical issues. According to the project the Union provides information advice service to poor people and work with young law lovers groups. Besides Free Legal Advice is shown for vulnerable people of Sumgayit and surburbs within the framework of the project.

The book " Rights, Privileges, Allowances 100 questions -100 answers" includes 5 chapters:

  • The privileges and allowances of disabled peoples;
  • The social protection of refugees and IDPs;
  • The privileges and allowances of martyrs' families;
  • The social protection of children deprived of protection of parents;
  • Various questions and answers

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