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 Report - Meeting with volunteers (AzRC)

 Report date: 01.12.2002

On 24 November Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (GIZIL AYPARA) held a large-scaled training meeting with 100 volunteers, with participation of the HIV/AIDS peer educated teen-agers.

The meeting was faciliated by the Norwegian youth delegates and GIZIL AYPARA departments, and funded by Norwegian Government.

Two PWLA (People living with HIV/AIDS) also participated at the meeting.
The reason for holding this meeting was to provide the volunteers with necessary information about HV/AIDS in general and the campaign in particular. This was a very good tool to prepare the volunteers. GIZIL AYPARA and IFRC Delegation staff also participated.

After the training, the volunteers were divided into six groups and had an art competition. Art competition was followed up with a discoteque, which started with announcement of winners.

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