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 Report - The Manifesto "FORCE IN UNITY" (PILIGRIM)

 Report date: 01.12.2002

The Manifesto

The situation which has been usual per last decade, has shown as far as vulnerable and the nature is defenseless, in which we live. The researches of the scientists speak that many kinds representative unexplored wilderness were considerably reduced, and some representative and in general cost at edge of destruction.
All this can call desire us to assist surroundings us fauna and nature, which we owe not only save, but also having increased to leave in gift to our sons and grandsons. Therefore people, with all this is not indifferent, were united in the not governmental organizations, which have taken on all weight of the decision of nature protection functions in the country.

One of directions in this difficult, but also noble mission is the ecological training of our youth, both urban, and village. If the urban youth only from time to time has an opportunity directly to touch vivifying gift of a nature, the village youth from birth is surrounded with it and, for this reason, should it understand and appreciate those boons more, which receives from an environmental nature.

But, the nature needs to enjoy, it should be to be protected and increase, and therefore number NGO in cooperation with the Ministries of Youth, Sports, Tourism, Education, the Ecologies and Natural Resources, came to uniform opinion, that the consolidation of all nature protection communities in a uniform Coalition is necessary with which on forces to decide global questions of preservation of our unique nature.

The activity of a Coalition will be directed on the teenagers and youth from the socially unprotected layers of the countryside population. This youth is deprived of social support of a community in the right to initial, ecological education as a result of an adverse economic, social and ecological situation. The attraction of this group of the population socially useful work activity on protection of an environment, will allow to get the certain social status, and it will create in the future of workplaces in a countryside, will involve in picturesque mountain regions weight having a rest and tourists and will create the preconditions for prosperity of mountain regions of Azerbaijan.

Now in village mountain regions there was a situation, when the village youth is deprived of elementary conditions for initial education, aesthetic and ecological education. Unique destiny of the village teenagers and youth - wearisome agricultural work in the help to the parents, which be not capable to ensure to children study in average and higher educational institutions in cities.

The village youth don't find of application at itself at home and the problem with job cannot go away on earnings in cities, where also. All this promotes purchase by village youth of bad habits. Given herself, she is capable on criminal acts.

We address to all representatives Governmental structure, NGO and interested organizations, which work in the field of protection of an environment, tourism and education to closer cooperation within the framework of uniform organization for the boon of our Country and people its occupying.

It is accepted on Public Advice of a Coalition

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