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 Report - Creations of a Coalition urban NGO and Local Nature Protection Community on the protection of public interests Youth from the socially unprotected layers of the population (PILIGRIM)

 Report date: 01.12.2002

The concept
Creations of a Coalition urban NGO and
Local Nature Protection Community on the protection of public interests
Youth from the socially unprotected layers of the population

The ecological consciousness is not reached gradually by study of the books. It requires real practical experience and association of efforts. Between the doctrine and comprehension a huge difference. In the purpose of a Coalition the protection of public interests of youth and teenagers from the socially protected layers of the population, help in comprehension of true value of a Nature, its gift of life enters also. The youth, which has understood protective function of an animate nature, it will not destroy, and will live in harmony and prosperity.

The activity of a Coalition will be directed on the teenagers and youth from the socially unprotected layers of the population of countryside. This youth is deprived of social support of a community in the right to initial education, including ecological, as a result of an adverse economic, social and ecological situation. The attraction of this group of the population to of public utility activity on protection of an environment, will allow to get the certain social status, and it will create in the future of workplaces in a countryside, will involve in picturesque mountain regions weight having a rest and tourists and will create the preconditions for prosperity of mountain regions of Azerbaijan.

Statement of a problem: Now in village mountain regions there was a situation, when the village youth is deprived of elementary conditions for initial education, aesthetic and ecological education. Unique destiny of the village teenagers and youth - wearisome agricultural work - in the help to the parents, which be not capable to ensure to children study in average and higher educational institutions in cities.

The costs study and residing in cities now of considerable money. In village and, especially, in mountain regions, children be not capable to study also because they could not be taught. The teachers do not receive the salary and leave on earnings. The village youth don't find application for itself at home and the problem with job go away them on earnings in cities. All this promotes purchase by village youth of bad habits. Given herself, she is capable on criminal acts.

ECO NGO "Piligrim" and Mountain Club since 1999 conducts active job on attraction of the village schoolboys to initial ECO educational, as form, most acceptable to them, of training and education. It is combined with active nature protection activity. In mountain areas, where at support NGO "Piligrim" is created the village youth nature protection communities (Shemakha, Cuban, Divichy areas), the growing up generation has found a use of the energy. It actively is engaged in nature protection activity directed on preservation of natural and cultural monuments, develops Eco tourism, as a basis for revival of economy, culture, education. The members of these communities are engaged in public job and clearly see prospects of the activity, build the plans on the future and are not going to leave the native places. They with enthusiasm perceive ideas and offers on protection of their public interests in the form active nature protection and of the Eco educational actions. Taking into account the saved experience, the association of efforts and human resources of village communities of mountain regions of Azerbaijan is provided. At support Eco NGO the creation of a Coalition of related organizations is supposed, which activity will be directed on preservation of a natural and cultural heritage of Mountains, revival of ancient culture, customs, expansion of an outlook of growing up generation. It will allow him to become competent, in every respect, people. The modern youth is necessary to live on the Earth and will save it for the future generations. The coalition will allow on a long-term basis to carry out protection of public interests most vulnerable, socially unprotected layer of the population of mountain remote areas of Azerbaijan.

The purposes and tasks: The coalition is created as the tool of protection of public interests of village youth from the unprotected layers of the population. The coalition will involve attention of a public, state, and international humanitarian organizations in problems of poverty and education of village youth, in mountain regions, remote on the geographical situation. Mission of a created Coalition becomes partial execution by all community of problems of youth, by creation of a network nature protection Eco enlightenment of communities. The attention of a wide public of the country, not governmental organizations in all spheres, both ecological, and educational, cultural, social, political and legal will be involve in this activity. The coalition will allow accomplish first steps to association of efforts of a public, NGO, government apparatus, international humanitarian organizations in the decision of problems of poverty. The coalition will carry out, further, systematic long-term program on attraction of village youth to the active realized activity, to become competent, in every respect, and adequately to exist on the Earth, where will live it's generations.

The basic tasks created Coalition become:

  • To creation of structure responsible for acceptance of the decisions of a Coalition and determining
    Positions directed on protection of interests to village youth (Trustee Advice). Attraction of the key persons and bodies to the decision of problems, even in case of counteraction of the certain circles of a community
  • To definition of quantitative and qualitative criteria of efficiency of spent activity. The tax, analysis of the information, estimation of activity, development of the decisions
  • To realization of the mass, propaganda and propaganda company in MASS-MEDIA including electronic, for informing a public on existence of the given problem both attraction of broad masses of the urban and village population to the decision of this problem
  • To search of material resources for maintenance of activity of a coalition on a long-term basis on performance of the mission
  • To attraction NGO of all levels, including international, humanitarian funds and resource centers to realization of the put tasks and, thus, amplification of a role of the third sector in the decision of social problems of a community. It also will allow to involve to protection of interests of a public and people, whose interests are protected to involve them in process of acceptance of the decisions

The created network - Coalition of nature protection communities will work on a long-term basis, as the tool of protection of public interests (ADVOCACY) of a nature protection active of village youth, revival of economic well-being of village regions, preservation of a natural and cultural heritage of the country. At a stage of creation the measures in Shemakha, Divichy,, Cuban areas are provided, where are already created and actively communities work, and also in Lencoran area, where the creation of nature protection communities and involving them in a Coalition is planned.

The chief
NGO " Piligrim"
Valuev Yriy

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