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 Report - Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA)

 Report date: 31.07.1997

1. Greenhouse Distribution Program

With the assistance of the local authorities in the regions of Agcebedi and Beylagan, the registration lists of the 3 remaining villages could be collected, photocopied and returned. The pre-selection of possible beneficiaries (about 550 families) of greenhouse and gardening equipment was finalised in Agcabedi and Beylagan. General meetings with these families have been set up and conducted already in 5 settlements. The purchase of the gardening equipment (plastic sheeting, iron rods, buckets, watering cans, hoes, rakes, seeds) for 1000 IDP families has been completed although the plastic sheetings and iron rods have not been delivered yet.

2. Greenhouse Agricultural Extension Program

Local authorities in Beylagan and Agcabedi have been contacted and informed about the objectives of the agricultural extension program. The internal report on the evaluation of the greenhouse users of the first Diakonie project has been completed. This will serve a a basis for targeting the extension program. At present 3 female agronomist, all living in the region, have been trained in the principles of agricultural extension. Thirdteen extension agents from different humanitarian organisations such as OXFAM/Barda, IRC/Imisli. IRC/Agcabedi and CAD/Mengicevir have assisted in this training prgram. The training for Diakonie staff has continued for one week and included additional topics such as practical exercises, report writing and the elaboration of seasonal calenders. First contacts with former beneficiaries of the greenhouse distribution program have been established.

3. Community Development Program

Several monitoring visits have been conducted at the 19 rehabilitated locations. At two additional locations the pumps have been burned. One pump could be repaired. Discussions and negotiations about repairs of burned pumps in two sites are underway.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Headquarters of Diakonie Emergency Aid in Germany has completed negotiations with the German government over the implementation of a special rehabilitation project to support victims of the torrential rains and flood of July 1997. The German embassy, the State Emergency Committee and the internatioanl community of humanitarian aid organisations in Azerbaijan have been informed about the results. The project leader for this special program will arrive in Baku in Mid-September. The second specialist is announced for 3 weeks later.
  • Diakonie staff has attended to several inter-agency field meetings in Baku as well as in the regions (Agcabedi). In addition, Diakonie representatives were present at several meetings concerning the information exchange on the floodings.
  • John Lamers staff has continued his introduction to the national and local authorities as well as to the NGO humanitarian Aid Community.

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