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 Report - Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA)

 Report date: 31.08.1997

1. Greenhouse Distribution Program

The pre-selection of possible beneficiaries of greenhouse and gardening equipment was finalised in Agcabedi and Beylagan. In total 770 families have been selected in 40 settlements, 5 more than last year. General meetings were conducted in all settlements. The first part of the distribution, that involved the gardening equipment such as buckets, watering cans, hoes, rakes and seeds, has been completed.

2. Greenhouse Agricultural Extension Program

Extension activities are initiated by two female agronomists. At present, 12 settlements in which IDP families received a greenhouse and gardening equipment in the former greenhouse distribution program, have been contacted. In three of them, a joint situation analysis has been conducted already. The major problems identified sofar are the permanent access to water for irrigation, the maintenance of soil fertility and the combat against pests. The water problem is out of reach for Diakonie activities. The other issues could be dealt with through an organized flow of information and knowledge.

3. Community Development Program

A monitoring visit at all 19 rehabilitated locations in Terter Region was conducted with assitance of an employee of the Ministry of Land Reclamation. The situation is as follows: 6 pumps function without problems, 3 pumps are functional but cannot be used because of a failure in the electricity supply system, 5 burned pumps are replaced by the community, 4 pumps are burned and need repair or replacement. Discussions about repair of burned pumps in one site is underway. The local water department in Terter will assist in the next monitoring.

4. Flood Damage Rehabilitation

With the arrival of Mr. Michael Jordan, Diakonie Emergency Aid will commence rehabilitation activities in regions suffered from torrential rains and flood. Mr. Jordan has been introduced to the German ambassador, the national authorities and local authorities in Goranboy, Yevlach, Mingecevir, Agdas and Goycay as well as other humanitarian organisations involved in rehabilitation work of flood damages such as OXFAM and Relief International. His assessement journey conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Land Reclamation and Water Resorces of Azerbaijan has been completed.

5. Miscellaneous

  • Diakonie staff has attended to several inter-agency meetings in Baku and field meetings in Berda Region.
  • We received visitors from Germany and Georgia. The purpose of their visit was to become familiar with the new approach of the integrated greenhouse project, look into possibilities for financial support.

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